Looking for a Reemus walkthrough or The Visitor walkthrough? This section is your official guide through all the ClickShake and Zeebarf adventure games, including how-to's for the alternate endings and badges (if you're playing on Kongregate or Newgrounds).

Walkthroughs: Several Journeys of Reemus | A Small Favor | The Visitor and Citizen Ugly

Wentworth Walkthrough

Reemus Prologue:
The Lair of the Ant Queen Walkthrough

Reemus Chapter 1:
The Royal Journey Walkthrough

Reemus Chapter 2:
The All-Knowing Parasite Walkthrough

Reemus Chapter 3:
Know Thy Enemy Walkthrough

Reemus Chapter 4:
The Beastly Blackhole of Bureaucracy
Walkthrough for Ballads of Reemus:
When the Bed Bites

A Small Favor Walkthrough

Another Small Favor Walkthrough

The Visitor Walkthrough

Ugly Americans: Citizen Ugly Walkthrough