Walkthroughs / A Small Favor
Need some help getting the alien assassin through this Zeebarf original adventure game? You've come to the right place: the official walkthrough for the first game in the Small Favor series.

Video Walkthrough by Tasselfoot

Round One

The Apartment
  • Get the gun
  • Charge it in the power generator
  • Get the cigar

The Apartment Hallway
  • Give cigar to the Insect Trader
  • Get green hose

Outside the Apartment
  • Click the metal ground switch to turn the water on.
  • Walk Right

The Big Rock
  • Walk right

The Blue Cactus
  • Select your hose and drag it to faucet with running water
  • Fountain will overflow and reveal secret hatch
  • Enter hatch

The Worm's Lair
  • Get objective to ELIMINATE MILOS
  • Walk back to Transit entrance

Transit Entrance
  • Click machine to de-activate gun.
  • Enter Transit Lobby

Transit Lobby
  • Click the alarm to move security robot.
  • Walk Left

Transit Waiting room
  • Click garbage to get bottle
  • Walk Right

Transit Lobby
  • Talk to the Transit trader
  • Trade bottle for red plug adapter.
  • Observe Transit symbol - note whether it's showing a triangle, square or circle.
  • Walk Left

Transit Waiting room
  • Drag the red plug adapter to power outlet.
  • Cord will plug in giving power to the coffee maker.
  • Go down the stairs to the left

Generator room
  • Click on the jacket on the ground to see the combination to Roy's locker
  • Enter locker code 4827
  • Get the mug
  • Look at the combination sheet
  • Look at code for triangle, circle or square depending on what was shown in Transit Lobby
  • Enter appropriate code into shield keypad
  • Charge your gun with generator
  • Open the leftmost locker and get a cup with coffee beans
  • Click on the fan control on the right wall turn it off
  • Go to the waiting room and enter washroom

  • Open vent
  • Look in vent and shoot out power supply.

Transit Waiting room
  • Click on the coffee maker
  • Put in the coffee beans
  • Put in the mug
  • Get mug of coffee
  • Give mug of coffee to the guard.
  • Enter Milos office

The Worm Solution

Milos Office
  • Shoot Milos
  • Return to the worm's lair

Worm's Lair
  • Worm will give panel key
  • Walk back and take Transit system to building #9

Building #9
  • Use key to open security tower panel

Security chip puzzle solution
  • Press big red buttons to turn them green
  • Unplug patch cord, plug into next series of Red buttons, press them
  • Repeat on final set
  • Press top left switch to remove chip cap
  • Move both sliders all the way to the right
  • Press green left arrow
  • Press square button
  • Press green right arrow
  • Get chip

Building #9
  • Bring security chip to worm

Worm's Lair
  • Get hacked chip
  • Return to building #9

Building #9
  • Put hacked chip into security tower
  • Enter gates

Alternate Milos Solution

Milo's Office
  • Don't shoot Milos
  • Take Green Vial
  • Bring Vial to Scavenger
  • Get bomb from Scavenger
  • Give bomb to the worm
  • Watch him explode!
  • Return to Milos to get Yellow code clearance
  • Enter Building #9


  • Go into the first door

  • Click on thermostat on wall
  • Turn the temperature all the way up

  • Go into the 3rd door

Birdie's Office
  • Pick up the mug
  • Exit to Kitchen

  • Put the mug in the microwave
  • Turn the temperature down
  • Go into hole in the wall

Harold's office
  • Take the badge on the ground
  • Look at the fish tank and get the code "173"
  • Go into the fourth door on far wall

Waiting Room
  • Talk to the secretary v 2.0 and book an appointment
  • Then swap an appointment with the password 173
  • Go into the Lobe's office

Lobe's Office
  • Kill Senator Lobe


  • Talk to Mr.Dog in Transit Waiting Room
  • Exit and walk all the way to the right until you reach the Carboard box house.
  • Enter the house.
  • Shoot the scavenger and get the briefcase.
  • Exit and head back to Transit lobby.
  • Give briefcase to Mr.Dog

  • Talk to Mr.Blob in Transit Waiting Room
  • Get coffeemaker working with red plug adapter, coffee beans and mug
  • Give mug of coffee to guard
  • Follow guard into washroom
  • Shoot guard

  • Point gun at Insect Trader
  • Holster gun to get mission
  • Head into Milo's office
  • Draw gun
  • Holster gun, don't shoot Milos
  • Take Green Vial
  • Bring Vial to Scavenger
  • Get bomb from Scavenger
  • Trade bomb to Transit Trader
  • Watch him explode!

  • Talk to Mr.Snakeman
  • Get baby doll head from rock by big graffiti boulder
  • Get popcorn bag from bathroom garbage
  • Trade something for green sock from Transit Trader
  • Combine popcorn with sock to make stuffed sock
  • Combine baby doll head with stuffed sock to make a stuffed snake baby doll
  • Give stuffed snake baby doll to Mr.Snake