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A secret agent with a dirty mind must penetrate the restaurant of an underworld kingpin. ClickShake's latest game now live! Written and voice acted by Scary Pete.
Do you have what it takes to Escape the Titanic? Our first iOS game is free to download on iPhone, iPod and iPad. 50 unique puzzle levels! Developed with FreshGames.
Cats in space! Wentworth the space cat had a simple mission to plant a tree, but accidentally spawned a horrible golem threatening the lives of gnomes and trolls alike. He'll need the help of the oracle, fairies and pixies to defeat it.
Our first commercial game is now live. Play the demo and if you love it, please buy the full version. :)
Now live and free for all! Reemus and Liam find themselves in a race against time as a wave of Death Slug enslaved Gygax makes its way toward the Kingdom of Danricus' castle gates.
The alien death slug attacks the trailer park in this brand new point and click horror adventure game. Featuring 7 new scenarios, 6 different finales and more guts and gore than the original.
Capture territory before your enemy does and snag all the gold you can! 1 or 2 player turn-based strategy/puzzle game with skilled AI, multiple scenario maps and game modes and 7 in-game achievements.
Zee's throwing a house party, but his roommate's mysterious alien machine threatens to spoil more than just the evening! A new point and click adventure from ClickShake Games.
Zeebarf's death slug returns to devastate a sleepy campground in this action/adventure horror game. Mutilate animals to gain their abilities as you make your way to devour each unsuspecting camper.

Announcing New Mystery Game

9/13/17 - We're pleased to announce a new game in development, a cooperative mystery game for mobile devices and computers. Grab some friends, find the evidence, hear the witness statements and work together to figure out who committed the crime.

You're a detective at the scene of a crime. Each player has their own witnesses and evidence, and you must trade information and items, and discuss your theories to solve the mystery.

This will be ClickShake's first multiplayer game, taking inspiration from truly social mobile games like SpaceTeam and electronic board games like Clue FX. The goal is to play with friends in the same room, but you can also play over the internet or in single player mode.

It's also our first independent title not developed in Flash. We love and miss working in Flash, but Adobe will no longer support the plugin after 2020 and many browsers already block it. Although we've completed games for clients in other tools like Marmalade, OpenFL/Haxe and Unity, it's a big step for our indie game company to put out a new original game with mobile devices and modern tech in mind. In addition to the downloadable version for phone, tablet, PC and Mac, we're also planning to release a version you can play in your browsers using HTML5 because we've just always liked being able to load up a game instantly and start playing it! Hopefully we can get the game to perform well enough in HTML5 to release with browser play.

It's a new direction for ClickShake, but we're staying true to our core of casual games with colorful characters and engaging puzzles. Please visit our mini-site to learn more. We look forward to your feedback!

The game will also be exhibited at GDEX gaming convention in Columbus Ohio on the weekend of 9/29/17.
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Ballads of Reemus on Steam in April 2015!

4/18/15 -

Thanks for all the yes votes from our fans, we got the Greenlight to release Ballads of Reemus on Steam, and our release date is set for April 24th, 2015! This is a dream come true for us to be on such a prominent platform!

If you haven't used Steam before, it's a great way to keep track of many of your game purchases across multiple operating systems and discover some really cool games at good prices.

During the launch on Steam, we will not be selling the game on for a period of time, so we encourage you to get the game on Steam at the new discounted price once it goes live. Also, please help spread the word about Ballads coming to Steam!

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