ClickShake Games FAQ
Below you'll find answers to common questions about ClickShake Games.

We are interested in hearing from 2D character and/or background animators/illustrators. Just use this link to get in touch with a link to your portfolio. We are not currently offering job shadows.

Steve gave a talk on "How to make it as an indie game dev" with more advice.

Your game purchase needs to be associated with a free ClickShake member account to activate it. You may add your existing purchase to your account by logging in and using our Purchase Activation Form.

There is also an email sent to you with instructions on how to automatically activate your game. It would be sent to your email address which is associated with PayPal, which may be different than your ClickShake account email address. To avoid missing our email, please add our email address to your safe sender's list or check your spam/junk folder in case the message ended up there.

If the Purchase Activation Form does not work for you and you do not receive a confirmation email within an hour of your purchase, send us your ClickShake account name, invoice number, and PayPal receipt number so we can add your purchase manually.

Ballads of Reemus is now finished and available to buy and either download or play online! Play the demo and click here to buy. If you purchased Ballads and added it to your ClickShake account, you can play it right now by accessing the link from your account page. Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 4 is also live right now and is free for all.

  1. Please make sure you are running the latest version of Flash, at least 11 or higher. Your version is: Get Adobe Flash player . To check what the latest version is or if you don't see your version listed here, please visit If it says you are running a version older than the latest version, please update your Flash Player here: Once that's done, return to the first link and make sure it says you now have the latest version installed. If not, you might need to uninstall your Flash Player and then install the latest version again from scratch.
  2. If you still have a problem using the latest Flash Player version, please send us the following information so we can help fix the problem.
    • Describe the problem thoroughly. What exactly do you see? When does it happen? How far into the game does the problem occur?
    • What internet browser are you using, with version? Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, etc.
    • What version of Flash are you running?
    • What Operating System are you using, with version? Windows, Mac, Unix, etc.
    • If the problem can be seen visually, take a screenshot of it. Most keyboards have a "Print Screen" button labeled "PrtScrn", which will take a picture of what you see and put it on your clipboard in memory. Then you can load up Paint or MS Word and Edit > Paste (or press CTRL + V to paste) the screenshot into that. From Paint, save the image as a JPG. Email the screenshot to us as an attachment.
    • Does the audio play correctly? Does your computer have a sound card?
If the above information does not answer your question, you may contact us and we'll be happy to help you.