A Small Favor
Play as an alien assassin in a world where cash is outlawed and trading trinkets and favors is the only way to live.

A Small Favor A Small Favor - A nameless assassin takes on a mission to eliminate a prominent Senator in a distant alien galaxy, in a world where cash is out and bartering is back.
Another Small Favor Another Small Favor - With his security clearance severly compromised, the assassin heads deep into the blindzone to find a new identity.
In 2013, ClickShake ran a crowdfunding campaign for A Small Favor reboot as an all-new downloadable 2D side-scrolling adventure for PC and Mac, with expanded storyline, improved artwork, and free character movement and exploration. The results were very encouraging though we came up short. The project has been shelved for now, though you can still vote for it on Steam Greenlight.