Web Games / The Visitor Returns (2011)


An unstoppable alien monster finds and devours prey, becoming more powerful with each kill, in this point and click horror adventure sequel. Just launched 12/7/11!

Guide the alien death slug through 7 brand new scenarios, using everything in the environment to kill his prey and gain their powers. The Visitor Returns is filled with more horror and gore than ever before. Battle it out in a bloody final confrontation with 6 possible outcomes. Also, featuring an original musical score by Sergiu Muresan and cookie-saved progress.

"The Visitor" originally slithered its way into point and click fame in 2007, gaining over 40 million plays and making its sequel our most requested game. Horror and adventure fans, you got what you've been asking for!

Point and click with your mouse to explore and devour your prey.

This game may be freely distributed. Designed for 550x400 or 683x400, but the game looks great at many embed dimensions and aspect ratios due to the in-game auto screen adjust system and wider screen support. Contains gory cartoon depictions. Watch The Visitor Returns trailer here.

Play Zeebarf's original The Visitor and the action-adventure The Visitor: Massacre at Camp Happy.

Sponsored by ArcadeBomb.com. Created by ClickShake Games, with story and animation by Jay "Zeebarf" Ziebarth, programming by Steve Castro and music by Sergiu Muresan.