Several Journeys of Reemus / Chapter 3: Know Thy Enemy


As the future telling eye of the parasite closed, the message was clear. Things were bad.

The Death Slugs were not of this planet, having plummeted to the earth from the unknown reaches of space. The Gygax, a once banished race of terrifying creatures, have returned. The Death Slugs enslaving the Gygax as soldiers in a great death army. Things were very, very bad.

To most, this scenario would be enough to send them fleeing to the furthest reaches of the Upper Lowerville mountain range. But not for our heroes!

Reemus, seizing the opportunity, schemes with his diminutive purple pal. A quest of this magnitude only arises once in an age, a threat so large it has the potential to blot out every living thing on the planet. If he can officially lay claim to this adventure before any other hero, then he actually has a chance to cement extermination as a heroic career path.

The only question remains is, will he get to the kingdom before the Gygax do?

3/2011 - Version 1.51.CSG now includes ClickShake Rewards! Also, the statue button crash during the path of aggression should now be fixed.

Just mouse click your way through the puzzles and riddles, clicking the objects and places on screen that advance your adventure through this strange world. Click on-screen arrows to walk to the next screen, or click on the upper left corner icon to switch characters. Most puzzles need both Liam and Reemus to solve. Pay careful attention to what they say for clues. See if you can unlock both endings! If you have a squirrel and you're stuck, click on the sky to the far left.

Reemus 3 Created by Jay Ziebarth (Zeebarf)