Several Journeys of Reemus / Chapter 1: The Royal Journey

With the successful extermination of the Ant Queen, Reemus is overjoyed to find his stock has risen. "The Ballad of Reemus and the Ant Queen" has become the 43rd most requested song amongst traveling minstrels and the reputation of the hirsute exterminator has grown as long as his mane of hair.

When word comes that the King of Fredricus himself has requested an audience with our mustachioed hero, Reemus's mind begins to race. The King must certainly have heard the tales of Reemus' bravery and there is no more fitting a reward than the hand of his daughter in marriage. Visions of a royal wedding dance in his head, Prince Reemus of Fredricus with his trusty aid Liam by his side. Intoxicated with the thought of being a famous prince, Reemus and Liam trudge forth through the dangerous overgrowth.

As the impressive silhouette of the castle of Fredricus looms on the horizon, our duo is filled with anticipation. What treasures await them inside the castle's walls?

Unfortunately they soon realize the castle has been abandoned, the gates are locked and unmanned. It looks like whatever the King needed Reemus for has already been here and sent the citizens fleeing.

Making their way over the crumbling wall they begin to investigate the abandoned city that lives inside the castle gates. Deserted carts, empty vendor stalls and crudely locked doors, all evidence of people leaving in a hurry. But why?

Peering into the archway of the castle tower the answer is revealed...

Reemus 1 Created by Jay Ziebarth (Zeebarf)