Several Journeys of Reemus / Chapter 2: The All-Knowing Parasite

Death slugs! The name rung out in their ears as they made their escape on the back of the magical beast. The wizard had offered them horrifying news; a plague of alien creatures had arrived!

The land trembled in the wake of this unstoppable parasite as it paved a path of death wherever it traveled, consuming its hosts and absorbing their characteristics. Fanged, winged, clawed, the characteristics changed from creature to creature but the look was unmistakable. Dark red skin and a taste for destruction!

Reemus and Liam soon found themselves tumbling in the air as their magical ride came to an abrupt end. Crashing through the roof of a barn, they find safety in a pile of hay. Breathing a sigh of relief they attempt to gather their thoughts. Unfortunately their downtime is cut short by the presence of a death slug scurrying around the interior of the barn.

After an attempt to exterminate the creature fails, Reemus and Liam flee only to come face to face with another threat. The return of the Gygax!

The Gygax, a gruesome and aggressive species of monster, haven't been seen in the land of Moniker in many years. Not since being conquered in the Great War and banished to the swamps of the north. Time has turned the once mighty warriors into scavengers. Living in squalor and rarely venturing further than the outskirts of their isolated swamp. They've all but been forgotten by the people of Moniker.

Now as an army of Gygax march toward the kingdoms of Danricus and Donricus, it can only mean trouble. Could the appearance of the death slugs be related to this brazen act of war by the Gygax? There is only one creature that could possibly know the answer! If Reemus and Liam are to cement themselves in the annals of history as heroes they must trek deep into the flesh eating forest and into the underground lair of the Devouring Worm. Only there will they find the All-Knowing Parasite and the answers to the fate of humanity.

Reemus 2 Created by Jay Ziebarth (Zeebarf)