ClickShake Mystery Game (Working Title, In Development)
Solve crime scene mysteries with your friends on your mobile devices, or gather around the computer to figure it out together. Use your wits, your powers of deduction, communication and a keen eye for observation to track down the criminal in this cooperative multiplayer whodunnit video game.

You are detectives called to the scene of a crime. You must solve the mystery before the clock strikes midnight or the suspects must be released and the criminal will get away.

Gather suspicious items and figure out who owns each one. Talk to the witnesses and use their observations to determine who the perpetrator is.

Each player is assigned different witnesses to question, and will find different evidence items. Players must work together to trade Witness Statement cards and Evidence items and discuss ideas to solve the case. You can also play in single player mode.

This game is still in early development, and the above images are from the prototype. Much of the UI art are temporary placeholders made by the programmer which will be replaced by actual artists. :) Some game design elements may change in the final product. As such, there is no release date set for the game yet.

The goal is to have elements of truly social, local multiplayer video games and electronic board games. Get your friends together in the same place, talk and laugh together, play a dynamic and immersive experience, and solve crimes in about 20 minutes per game. Easy to start up a multiplayer session and no download required!

If you're interested in playtesting or providing feedback on the game concept, art or anything else, please contact us, as we'd love to hear from you! Also, I'm planning to show this game at GDEX 2017 in Columbus, Ohio, so come on out if you're interested in playing in person.

Production, Game Design, Programming by Steve Castro.
Character Art by Mike Watson with coloring by Veronica Smith
Background Art by Karli Mosko