Web Games / Uncle Vince's Mission In-VINCE-able

A secret agent with a dirty mind must "penetrate" the underworld kingpin Papa\'s restaurant to find a dangerous stolen document.

In this hilarious and fully voice-acted point and click adventure, based on characters created by voice actor/singer/comedian Scary Pete, secret agent/assassin/love-machine Uncle Vince must locate the gruff and somewhat flatulent underworld kingpin known as "Papa" and retrieve a stolen document before it's too late, but he'll have to get past Papa's henchmen and bodyguard first. His ways may be unconventional, but Vince always gets the dirty job done...te-te-te. The game features many unique personalities, funny original songs, and generous amounts of innuendo...and even a little outnuendo, boyfriend!

Point and click with the mouse to walk, interact with people and objects in the environment, and pick up items. Equip items by clicking on them in the upper left corner, and click in the environment to use them. The game automatically saves progress between browser sessions.

Rated Teen for suggestive humor. Writing, voice acting and music by Scary Pete of Say Uncle Productions, with art and design by Jay Ziebarth and programming by Steve Castro from ClickShake Games