Walkthroughs / Ballads of Reemus: When the Bed Bites
Stumped on your quest for fame as Fredricus' only exterminator? Having trouble finding all the hidden puzzle pieces and earning the in-game achievements? No problem! We've got the official full and detailed walkthrough right here for you to use!

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Grappa's Horsefly

1. Send the horsefly flying to the left.
2. Pull the sheets off the bed.
3. Go to the left, open the door and grab the razor.
4. Use the razor on the bed.
5. Get the bed rope
6. Open the bathroom door
7. Use the rope on the fly on the toilet.

The Market

1. Talk to the love birds in the coat to get breadcrumbs.
2. Use the breadcrumbs on Oswald the baker and take the coin he drops.
3. Give the coin to the Leopold the water salesman to get a bottle of water.
4. Pour the water on the pig, and click the pig to scare Hob the miller.
5. Take the coin the miller drops.
6. Give Leopold the water salesman the empty water bottle to get your coin back.
7. Buy a scarf with the coins.
8. Give the scarf to the butcher and make the bard sing a song about him.
9. Give your number to the rope maker Ty to get the new rope.

Apena Swamps

As Liam
Scene 1
1. Click the center of the green plant so that five light spores are revealed.
2. Click the top purple vine so that it closes
3. Once the bug lands and the glass
4. Click the lung plant
5. Click the water to dive in

Scene 2
1. Go left
2. Get the blue rocks
3. Use the blue rocks on the bubble coral
4. Get the algae
5. Go left and use the algae on the fish
6. Get the piece of coral
7. Use coral on the aquatic gumballs
8. Use the aquatic gumball on the monster fish in the dark cave
9. Get chewed gum
10. Use chewed gum in bubble coral
11. Get razor sharp tooth
12. Use tooth to cut the root

As Reemus
Scene 1
1. Get the pincher beetle
2. Use the beetle on the root of the swamp blister
3. Pull tree branch to pop the blister
4. Pull tree branch again to knock maggot into water
5. Jump on the water strider
6. Get the seaweed

Scene 2
1. Get the keynose shrimp (Liam must have fed the algae to the fish in order to see it)
2. Use the shrimp on the lock
3. Get the little candle from under the oil burner
4. Use the little candle on the big candle
5. Put the lit candle back under the oil burner
6. Get the recipe pages from the open book
7. Open the closet door
8. Mix the potions on the recipe page by recreating the symbol using the available jars. There is a 4 potion limit for mixing.
9. Use Dissolve potion on the locked box and get a cookie
10. Use cookie in the oil burner
11. Use Liquefy potion on the cookie to create the smell of baking cookies
12. Use Solidify in the cauldron
13. Ring the bell
14. Use Dissolve potion on the stone witch
15. Use Explode potion on the giant shell
16. Click the witchs head or the water hole to escape

Construction Site

1. Go all the way to the left and get an ice cream cone
2. Get a windmill flower head
3. Go right and get the loose stake
4. Use the stake on the small grass patch
5. Use the ice cream cone on the digger
6. Get the face mask
7. Get the windmill flower stem
8. Go right and plant the stem in the hole
9. Use the flower head on the stem

Town of Fredricus

1. Go to the Bakery and get a donut
2. Go to the Imports and use the donut on the woman's hat
3. Get a lime
4. Go to the Exterminator and get a poison mushroom
5. Get a stone from the pile near the wall
6. Go to the Mill
7. When Hob isn't looking, use the lime and stone in the grist mill
8. Get the ground limestone from the trough
9. Get the wheat
10. Go to the Imports and give the wheat to Vick
11. Go to the Bakery and give the flour to Oswald
12. Get GRAVEL!
13. Use the poison mushroom on the seagull
14. Go to the Butcher and give the dead seagull to Ludzo
15. Go to the Potter and use the fly infested meat on the clay pot
16. Get CLAY!
17. Go to the Market
18. Get the MIXING BUCKET from beside the well
19. Get the Windchimes
20. Go to the Pub
21. Click the jar of pickled eggs to make a bet with Bart
22. Give Bart the windchimes
23. Go to Market and give the jar to the little kid
24. Use the magnifying glass on the well rope
25. Take the sand timer to get SAND
26. Go to the Pub and go upstairs to Grappa's room
27. Use the concrete on the bed

Fire Ant Hill

1. Go up and get the metal bark
2. Get the hot sauce
3. Go left and get the salt
4. Go right and use the salt on the nest of relish
5. Get the egg
6. Use the egg on the little breakfast tree
7. Get the raw bacon
8. Go into the ant hill and use the metal bark on the quicksand
9. Use hot sauce on the metal bark
10. Use the raw bacon on the hot bark to cook it

Termite Cells

1. Use Liam and get the sharp rock
2. Use the rock on the lower vine
3. Use Reemus and pull the vine down
4. Use Liam and climb the vine
5. Go right and give the rock to Reemus
6. Go up and close the blinds
7. Use Reemus and use the rock to break a hole in the hollow rock formation
8. Jump down the hole
9. Go to the Thermostat room and get the big rock
10. Go back to the fungus garden and use the big rock on the super glue plant
11. Go to the Thermostat room again and use the sticky rock in the hole
12. Use Liam and get the dead fly
13. Climb the ladder up
14. Throw the fly down the chimney
15. Use Reemus and go to the Kitchen
16. Get the dead fly and give it to the chef
17. Get the meat tray
18. Go to the Queen

The Peak

1. Turn the far right magnet so the red side is facing the metal chestnut
2. Turn the middle magnet so it repels and causes the other magnet to attract to the chestnut
3. Turn the far right
4. Turn the middle
5. Turn the middle again
6. Turn the far left
7. Turn the middle
8. Turn the far left
9. Pull over the root
10. Step on the bulb

Back Home

As Reemus
1. Go into the house
2. Get the terrified bug
3. Get the postcard
4. Get the pheromone bottles
5. Get the sweepstakes form
6. Get the picture of Liam
8. Open drawer and get the teddy bear
9. Go to alley
10. Open crate
11. Juice the bug, postcard, sweepstakes form, picture of Liam and the teddy bear
12. Use TRUST and JOY on one ant to create LOVE
13. Use ANGER and ANTICIPATION on another ant to create AGGRESSION
14. Use TRUST and FEAR on the last ant to create SUBMISSION
15. Watch the drama unfold

As Liam
1. Get rotten vegetables
2. Go to alley and juice vegetables into vegetable oil
3. Go into house
4. Get the flower
5. Get the toast
6. Get the ladder
7. Go outside and use the ladder on the wall
8. Climb ladder to go to Dr.Nova's front door
9. Click on the secret passage through the vines on the right
10. Give the bee the flower
11. While he's distracted, get the beeswax candle
12. Go back to front door
13. Use the candle on the lit candle
14. Put now lit beeswax candle on the candle holder
15. Use the toast on the melted wax
16. Give the wax toast to the bee
17. Get the stinger
18. Go into the basement
19. Use stinger on the honey
20. Get the wrench
21. Go back to the front door and use the wrench on the door sculpture
22. Go to observatory
23. Use the lever - after it crumbles use the stinger on the broken lever
24. Use the new lever to open the periscope
25. Look through the periscope to lower it
26. Use vegetable oil on rusty wheel
27. Turn the wheel
28. Go to the roof
29. Use the sculpture on the telescope bolt
30. Tilt the giant lens

Ant Burning

Hold the left mouse button down over the ants to focus the beam of light on them, and eventually they will catch on fire!

The End

Hint: Make sure to watch the full credits to fulfill the final achievement.


The Caterpillar

A hidden object plus jigsaw puzzle type quest. It starts with a hidden area in the bush to the left of the construction site.

The Seagull

Hint: There are only a few seagulls in the game. See if you can get them to interact with each other.

The Butterfly

You must get the Caterpillar achievement before you can get start this quest.

The Moth

You aren't the only prisoner inside the termite mound.

The Thieving Bear

Take a good look inside Dr.Nova's house, you never know who might be hiding there.

The Love Birds

Find their love nest and lend a helping hand.

The Crushed Bugs

There are 47 bugs scattered throughout the game. Crush them all to get this achievement. Just click on one to squish it. Use full-screen to help find them as some are well hidden. Almost all scenes have one, though some don't, and none have more than one.

The Ballad of Reemus

Just finish the game and reach the credits.