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Jay’s Trip to the Recording Studio

8/19/11 - Jay heads out to Dunnville, Ontario for some audio production and takes his video camera to give us an inside look into the making of a game’s soundtrack.

Meet Mitch Bowden, the man who created all the unique music for every Reemus game, as he records some Ballads of Reemus tracks alongside Jay and gives us a listen to one of the new songs. Also, meet Dave Dunham AKA DAVIDS, who created music for A Small Favor, Buy Buy Buy, and Zee and the Alien Machine, as he records some voices for Ballads. Plus hear Liam’s voice for the first time ever. All in the latest episode of the ClickShake Ballads of Reemus Production Diary!

Did you hear that Steve knocked out the Act2 and Act 3 Scene Polish phases for Ballads?!?! According to our precision instrument of accomplishment tracking, we are exactly 84.7% done with Ballads of Reemus! Just look at that Progress Timeline, filling up so fast the milestone bubbles are exploding and the progress bar is catching on FI-YA! Speaking of fire, Steve let slip a little teaser info about what’s being programmed for Ballads on the forum a couple days ago. What else can you squeeze out of him? Any guesses what he’s talking about?


Reemus and Liam are Movin’ and Shakin’

6/2/11 - Ballads of Reemus production is in high gear with Jay and Steve both making huge progress on it. We’ve updated the progress timeline graphic. Jay’s latest YouTube video showcases his excellent work on the cutscenes, including the first released clip of Reemus’ voice played by Josh Tomar AKA TomaMoto of NewGrounds’ fame. We’re also expecting first pass programming to be done on the entire game as soon as next week! (To get more details on that, jump to the progress timeline’s forum topic.) We’ve released 2 new screenshots from Ballads in light of our recent progress.

If you have a BlackBerry PlayBook, you’ll be happy to know that you can now play Several Journeys of Reemus on your tablet! Right now Chapters 0 and 1 are available to download, and the rest are submitted and awaiting approval. This includes The Several Journeys of Reemus: Chapter 4 – The Beastly Blackhole of Bureaucracy, optimized for the PlayBook, which you’ll be able to buy as soon as it gets approved by BlackBerry! Ballads of Reemus will also be on there soon as part of the whole BlackBerry package, so PlayBook development is a crucial part of our plan to get Ballads live! Visit our BlackBerry PlayBook Games page for the full list of tablet games as they become available. Be sure to follow the links to rate and comment on your experience of them.

Finally, check out the Ballads of Reemus page on Lots going on with Reemus these days!