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Ballads of Reemus Programming Update

7/15/11 - Steve’s last video update announced an important milestone in Ballads of Reemus development, plus PlayBook game release updates. Watch the video and check out some PlayBook screenshots below.

Also, here are 4 new screenshots of our games on the BlackBerry PlayBook:


Some Juicy Press Coverage

6/3/11 - calls The Visitor one of “10 Great Games for Your BlackBerry PlayBook”! Check it oot. **6/7 Update:’s Visitor for PlayBook Review. says “The Several Journeys of Reemus is the best point and click adventure you can find on any Android device”. Read the full review or watch the video here:

Reemus and Liam are Movin’ and Shakin’

6/2/11 - Ballads of Reemus production is in high gear with Jay and Steve both making huge progress on it. We’ve updated the progress timeline graphic. Jay’s latest YouTube video showcases his excellent work on the cutscenes, including the first released clip of Reemus’ voice played by Josh Tomar AKA TomaMoto of NewGrounds’ fame. We’re also expecting first pass programming to be done on the entire game as soon as next week! (To get more details on that, jump to the progress timeline’s forum topic.) We’ve released 2 new screenshots from Ballads in light of our recent progress.

If you have a BlackBerry PlayBook, you’ll be happy to know that you can now play Several Journeys of Reemus on your tablet! Right now Chapters 0 and 1 are available to download, and the rest are submitted and awaiting approval. This includes The Several Journeys of Reemus: Chapter 4 – The Beastly Blackhole of Bureaucracy, optimized for the PlayBook, which you’ll be able to buy as soon as it gets approved by BlackBerry! Ballads of Reemus will also be on there soon as part of the whole BlackBerry package, so PlayBook development is a crucial part of our plan to get Ballads live! Visit our BlackBerry PlayBook Games page for the full list of tablet games as they become available. Be sure to follow the links to rate and comment on your experience of them.

Finally, check out the Ballads of Reemus page on Lots going on with Reemus these days!

New Game – Stake Your Claim

4/6/11 - Stake Your Claim, our newest strategy/puzzle game for 1 or 2 players, is now live with 2 new ClickShake Rewards you can earn! In case you missed it, Zee and the Alien Machine is now live too, with 4 new ClickShake Rewards.

That brings our total to 24 ClickShake Rewards you can earn on our site. Only 2 people have won them all so far, Zaigo and Dalkiel. Gratz to them! Can you join their ranks and win them all?

In other news, did you see our new Ballads of Reemus progress bar? You can see how far we’ve come and what’s left to do, and we’ll update it as we keep progressing on the game. We’re closer than ever to getting it done!

Zee and the Alien Machine

3/2/11 - ClickShake Games is proud to announce a brand new point and click adventure for 2011!

With a promotion at stake and a house full of co-workers, Zee must throw the party of the year in order to keep his career aspirations alive. Unfortunately his weird roommate’s mysterious alien machine threatens to derail everything. Will Zee overcome the deadly secret of the alien machine and save the party? Only YOU can decide!

The Visitor: Massacre at Camp Happy now live!

12/27/10 - Our action-adventure adaptation of Zeebarf’s The Visitor Massacre at Camp Happy is now live on our site and ready for you to earn 2 new ClickShake Rewards. Also, please vote for Massacre at Kongregate. Live! New Screenshots & Character Bios!

11/20/10 - We just launched the official site for our upcoming game Ballads of Reemus, featuring the first screenshots from the game including a large overhead view of Reemus’ hometown Fredricus.

Also, one of the site’s big features is the Ballads Character Card section. Each week we’ll be releasing a new card for one of the game’s characters, featuring their picture at their regular hang-out location and a biography about them.

Reemus 4 Beastly Blackhole Reviews, Ballads Progress Report and New Visitor Game Coming!

11/16/10 - Hundreds have pre-ordered Ballads of Reemus and experienced the early release of Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 4. Their reviews are in and people are loving the new chapter! Check out what they’re saying:

Reemus Chapter 4 Reviews

Thoughts on Chapter 4 from around the web:

We did our best to learn from what worked and what didn’t in past Reemus games, and Jay really put his all into making this the best Several Journeys game yet. It looks like the hard work is paying off!

In case you didn’t know, Chapter 4 is finished but is waiting to be released until Ballads of Reemus goes live. However, if you pre-order Ballads of Reemus today you can play Chapter 4 right now instantly. It’s our way of thanking you for showing your support for the upcoming game. Ballads is our first full-length premium game and the first Reemus game to feature voice acted dialogue and several hours of gameplay. It means so much to our small indie development team when you guys pre-order our game and helps us afford the extra time and effort we’re putting in this massive Reemus project!

Speaking of Ballads, these past few weeks Jay has been hitting the art super hard and has gotten an impressive chunk of the backgrounds and character design/animation done. There are so many characters in this game and they’re all so interesting (like animals pretending to be humans, what?!). We’re going to be releasing a new site for Ballads of Reemus soon, so expect to start seeing some sweet, sweet screenshots coming around the corner.

Finally, if you haven’t heard, The Visitor is making a comeback in a brand new action adventure horror game coming very soon! The game is finished and pending sponsorship via Haven’t seen the trailer yet? OMG wat R u waten 4?!

Reemus Chapter 4 Early Release Now Live! Ballads Giveaways! Site Updates!

9/20/10 - After months of hard work, Reemus 4 early release is now live to Ballads pre-orderers, including 5 new achievement Rewards you can earn. If you haven’t pre-ordered Ballads yet, it’s not too late. You can still pre-order and get your chance to play Reemus 4 today.

Today we are giving away a handful of free Ballads of Reemus pre-orders! We already sent out some Reemus trivia to subscribers of our newsletter and will be randomly picking 3 winners from everyone who answers correctly today. For this next one, we’re giving away a pre-order to the first person who responds to this blog post with the answer to this trivia: Name two processed foods/drinks that grow naturally in the forests of Fredricus. The winner will be announced later today in this post’s comments. Good luck!

We’ve also updated our site with a new logo and header layout. Plus we made a new Equip Reward feature to show off your new achievements. Just go into your account settings to pick which item you want to equip. Soon we’ll make the equip process even more intuitive but it’s a fun little feature in the meantime. :)

Finally, thank you so much to everyone that has pre-ordered Ballads and supported our indie team. It’s really encouraging to know so many fans believe in our dream and gives us even more drive to make our games that much better.

New Rewards, Chapter 4 almost done, Ballads Pre-order Deadline Extended

7/10/10 - Our heads have been buried in finishing up Chapter 4 and plugging away at Ballads of Reemus. Chapter 4 is just about finished. For now, we’ve got new Rewards for you! Zeebarf’s first Small Favor game now has 4 new ClickShake Rewards you can earn. Go get ‘em!

In other news, we are extending the deadline for Ballads pre-orders since it’s going to be a bit longer before it comes out (new deadline to be determined). To commemorate the extension, we are giving away a free Ballads of Reemus pre-order! Just like all pre-orderer-erer-ers, the winner will be entitled to play Journeys of Reemus Chapter 4 as soon as it’s done (rather than waiting with the rest of the world to play it when it officially comes out during the Ballads launch). To win the pre-order, be the first person to respond to this post with the exactly correct answer to this question: Where do the Salt n’ Pepper flowers normally grow? (Must not already have a pre-order.) Good luck!