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2013 Wrap-Up: Android, Expo, Kickstarter

2/2/14 - Hi everyone, Steve here. Jay and I have been working on a lot of things in the last several months, and it’s time for some updates. Here’s what we’ve been working on:

Fans of GooglePlay and Amazon Play Store games for Android and Kindle Fire can rejoice, because both Escape the Titanic and FreshGames’ picture puzzler UPicTwo are available on these devices, both free to play! Also, FreshGames’ 3D match-3 game Cubis Creatures is now available in Flash. I’m working on some other cool games with FreshGames, so keep an eye out for updates here and at

Ballads of Reemus 2 was successfully kickstarted! Reaching 115% of his goal, Jay now has the cash needed to move forward full steam on its development. Follow his progress on the project at

Jay and I also worked together on the art and programming of Sushi Warrior, a fish slicing game designed by Dylan Zellmer of, available for Flash and soon for iOS and Android as well. Read more here and here. We’ll post up the links once it’s all officially live.

December 7th was a big day, as the Ohio Game Developer Expo held its first annual event in Columbus Ohio on the OSU campus. I came up with the idea for it in 2012, and with a lot of work and huge help from Chris Volpe, Jim Pickett and Wes Adams, our sponsors and volunteers, the event was a success with an awesome turnout from at least 8 different states! We brought in a lot of great game developer speakers for ticket holders, and also had a big showcase room which was free and open to the public and had tons of great regionally developed games on display. I’m proud to have been a part of the event and look forward to seeing it grow in the future to include more developers and expand the local game dev industry.

Finally, every adventure game fan should make sure to check out the recently released independent game Lilly Looking Through. The game is truly beautiful and a lot of fun, and made by a great guy and friend of ClickShake’s Steve Hoogendyk of Geeta Games. The game is also available on Steam, Mac store, GOG and more, which you can find by following the link.

Ballads of Reemus 2 Kickstarter, WtBB Indie Prize Winner

9/28/13 - Jay has announced that Ballads of Reemus 2 is under development and currently being crowdfunded. Get your advance copy and support the game here!

Also, the first Ballads of Reemus (When the Bed Bites) recently won the 2013 Indie Prize for Best Story at Casual Connect in San Francisco!

Our first iPhone game, a year in the making, is now live and free to play!

7/18/13 - We can now announce the iOS game we worked on for the last year alongside FreshGames: Escape the Titanic, now available to download for free on the App Store! Featuring 50 unique puzzle levels and hours of game play. It’s a Universal app, so you can play it on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

The game was designed and produced by FreshGames, and we did the programming and puzzle art.

Try it out now and tell us what you think of the game!

Next steps after Kickstarter

5/19/13 - Thanks a lot to everyone who pledged to our A Small Favor Kickstarter, getting us to $13,510! We came up short of the goal at 30 days, so we don’t get any of the funding, but we’re still very encouraged to see as much interest as there was. We’re now reviewing all our options and considering each one carefully, including a refocused Kickstarter relaunch for A Small Favor, as many have requested. We’ll be sure to post what we decide in the near future.

10% of $30k Kickstarter goal is just 2 days!

4/17/13 - A Small Favor is getting some great responses so far, reaching 10% of our goal is under 2 days! We’re blown away by the support and are so thankful for everyone who’s pledging and spreading the word. (more…)

A Small Favor Kickstarter Now Live

4/15/13 - We’re making a new A Small Favor game, a 2D side-scrolling, sci-fi adventure game, and we’re turning to our fans for support to help make it happen. Here’s our Kickstarter link.

The alien assassin finds a crashed spaceship with a high level security badge that can help him get ahead in life, but not without facing the ever watchful security eyebots and officers who have come to investigate the crash.

Kickstarter is a way for us to raise money early so we can focus exclusively on this game without taking on side projects along the way. We raised some funds with Ballads of Reemus which was very helpful, but with Kickstarter we’ll raise enough to fund the whole development time needed. If we hit our funding goal, we promise we’ll deliver this game, just like we have on Ballads of Reemus and over 30 other games Jay and I have released separately and together over the years.

You can pre-order the game or make a pledge to support development of this game here:

A Small Favor is based on Zeebarf’s point-and-click adventure series, but this new one will have a brand new storyline building on the existing world, and will also allow free movement of the character so you can explore by climbing ladders, entering buildings, delving into tunnels, etc. allowing for more secret hunting, side quests and additional items than the original games. This one will have hours of content too.

We also have a mini-site setup for the game here:
And you can vote for the game on our Steam Greenlight Concepts page.

2012 Aggie Nomination for Best Writing – Comedy

2/12/13 - We’ve been nominated for 2012 Best Writing – Comedy by for Ballads of Reemus. Winners will be announced between February 20 and 22. It’s also listed in their Top Adventure Games – Independent; what an honor! Update: they’ve also put up a 2012 Aggie Awards – Readers’ Choice poll where you can vote for any game in any category. You’ll need to be logged in to see the categories and voting ends February 18th.

As for current development, we are just a week or two away from finishing up on our first iPhone game, which is our second game to have hours of game play. It’s something completely new, and we’re looking forward to sharing the details about it once we have the thumbs-up to do so.

JayIsGames nominates Reemus 4 & Wentworth for Best Adventure of 2012

1/14/13 - has nominated 2 of our games, Reemus 4 and Wentworth, for their Best of Casual Gameplay 2012 awards in the category of Browser Point-and-Click Adventure. They are currently accepting user votes until January 23rd, and you can vote once per day. Plus, our games can also be voted as Game of the Year by checking the box at the top of the page.

Click here to vote on what you think is best point and click adventure of 2012:

30% Off Cyber Monday Sale

11/26/12 - All shirts, cd’s and Ballads of Reemus collector’s editions are now 30% off for a limited time. We only have 11 left, so place your order soon. All orders will get free stickers and can be gift wrapped if requested.

Our prices have never been this low, so if you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy, now may be your last chance to get these limited edition items.

IngenuityFest 2012 + Steam Greenlight

9/17/12 - This weekend Steve showed Ballads of Reemus at the 2012 IngenuityFest in Cleveland Ohio. It was a real joy seeing people sit down to play our game and laugh at the jokes or just smile as they figure out the puzzles. We work digitally and hear from our fans through emails, but there’s nothing like seeing the expressions on people’s faces when they’re having fun with our game. More pictures and videos later in this post…

In other news, Valve’s Steam game distribution service has started a new system called Greenlight, which allows indie developers like us to submit our game for community voting, with the potential to have it end up on Steam for sale with enough votes! Please help us get on Steam at this link. To vote you’ll need a Steam account with at least one game in it.

Now for some more media from the IngenuityFest. Here are just a few of the really cool people that stopped by to play Ballads of Reemus:

Thanks to Steve Felix and Matt Perrin from the Cleveland Game Dev Meetup for allowing me to come up and have some space to show our game at the festival, and thank you so much to everyone that stopped by to try out our game.