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New Adventure Release & Planning Our Next Big Move

6/4/12 - Our newest fairy tale adventure game Wentworth is now live! An adorable space cat who spends just a little bit too much time napping scrambles to do his mission assigned to him weeks ago, and what should have been a simple task turns into a nightmare as he accidentally awakens a golem who threatens to take over the entire land of the fairies. Please play and share it with your friends. :)

Once we put out a couple more smaller projects and finish some contract work we hope to have the funds together to start on our next big commercial-sized game. We’ve hinted at what some of our game ideas are here on, on and on our Facebook page, and today we’re sharing some screenshots from these projects.

We love top-down games of exploration, action and adventure, and that is what we hope to deliver with this game. It’s going to be a gritty, interplanetary, laser shooting type game, with artificially intelligent aliens, sci-fi and other good, fun thingies.

This one is super funny, and some of the prototype’s features already have us ROFLing. You get to beat down beefy manly-men with big hair and tight pants. Still more AI for this one.

These projects (plus one additional game project not mentioned here) are described further on our upcoming games section, which is also linked from our Home menu at the top. We update this page periodically with how the projects are coming along.

Finally, we have been playing lots of iPhone games and looking heavily into developing for mobile for our next big game, though we will also be targeting other platforms at the same time including PC again as well as Mac, Android and others.

What is your favorite game for iOS? Share some of yours and if you ask nicely we just might tell you our favorites too.