Upcoming Game Projects
This is your chance to see previews of upcoming games in all stages of development, from concept, through development to launch. Please let us know which projects and concepts are your favorites and we'll try to prioritize the ones you like!
Wentworth - Fairy Tale Adventure Game, Released 6/1/12

Wentworth is a cat from space, and he ends up meeting gnomes, fairies, trolls, golems and more.

Project Spaceman - Gritty space shooter action adventure, Announced: 4/14/12

Jay first introduced this new character on his blog and then his top-down variation shortly after. We want to build a game full of exploration, action, story, characters and gritty laser gun battles.

Project 1980 - Comical Side-Scrolling Beat 'Em Up, Announced: 6/4/12

Punchin' and kickin' dudes with big hair.

Project Bootstrap - Fantasy Action RPG Adventure, Announced: 6/4/12

Steve's passion project. The idea was born in 2007 and has been tinkered on ever since.

Project Meek vs Gerd - Run & Gun Game, Announced 3/14/12

A fun side scrolling shooter. Jump over or duck bullets, enter buildings and complete missions.

* Since some of these games are in very early stages of development, many will not have release timeframes right now.