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Wentworth & Other New Things In the Works

4/4/12 - We are nearing completion of our new web game Wentworth, a game about a cat from space and fairies, golems and trolls. It should be up for sponsorship any day now. We’ve setup a page for upcoming game projects like this one.

Beyond that we are already planning the next few game concepts. We’re planning to further expand on a couple of Zeebarf’s game worlds, but we also have new ideas. During Wentworth development, we’ve been getting ourselves poised to start making more games more often so that’s pretty exciting. We’re experimenting with genre and methods to see what kind of cool things we can come up with.

In Ballads news, we’re now selling shirts and CD’s individually in the store if you want one but not the other. Get them while supplies last, we only have 3 of the 6 shirt sizes left! Also, we’re now shipping Collector’s Edition packages, and some have already received them! Watch as Reid Cooper unleashes some epic Collector’s Edition Package opening on us.

If you have your own fan videos or pictures, please send them to us and we may include them on our fan page.