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I like an awsome game called little big planet lbp for short and i like a website called clubpenguin and the medieval party is on May 7-16 clubpenguin has lots of partys and partys of the holidays some have hunts like the easter egg hunt they obvious have a christmas party! my brother made a website called videogamechat.webs.com! I have my own website called leprechaunclub.webs.com! My favorite game is called Minecraft! Ok thats a little about my self.

Damn, that was me when I made this, anyway, today, screw club penguin, it sucks. I can't even spell awesome right, apparently. Well, at least I still played Minecraft, and still do. Now I read Homestuck (damn gigapause). I also use Steam nowadays. Not much happening either.

Edit 2:
It feels like it's been another year since that last edit, damn... I still read homestuck and its pan sizzling lightning rounds. I usually play Civ V and Skyrim. I also am officially a huge fan of RWBY by Roosterteeth as well! So there's that.