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here im gonna talk about all my friends who i thank for existing SpookSpoon(compinche)who always makes me laugh on hard times,mechingas(alex)a friend who i will someday surpass(done) on halo jose luis(calvo)for including me onthe three mens nights,eugenia(friend)i hope you're passing a good time on the concert.myrtha(peque)a good friend who is always talking about justin bieber,Aniel(metiche)who is somekinda ruining the good moments,and josecarlos and ramos(boyfriends):D jeje just kidding,arturo(friend)the person who covers my back,and mogollon(best friend)the person who hacked my favorite gamemonths ago,:D these people are the persons who i thank god for letting them exist or science maybe exept by the boyfriends jose carlos and ramos, and please check out the new forum clickshake ideas ,it's not for me its for everyone!,P.S:many people that i didnt put on here theyre my friends but not as much as them ,and coughcoughedgarcough i didnt want to put you here hehe sorry maybe,nextime

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