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New Game – Stake Your Claim

4/6/11 - Stake Your Claim, our newest strategy/puzzle game for 1 or 2 players, is now live with 2 new ClickShake Rewards you can earn! In case you missed it, Zee and the Alien Machine is now live too, with 4 new ClickShake Rewards.

That brings our total to 24 ClickShake Rewards you can earn on our site. Only 2 people have won them all so far, Zaigo and Dalkiel. Gratz to them! Can you join their ranks and win them all?

In other news, did you see our new Ballads of Reemus progress bar? You can see how far we’ve come and what’s left to do, and we’ll update it as we keep progressing on the game. We’re closer than ever to getting it done!