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IngenuityFest 2012 + Steam Greenlight

9/17/12 - This weekend Steve showed Ballads of Reemus at the 2012 IngenuityFest in Cleveland Ohio. It was a real joy seeing people sit down to play our game and laugh at the jokes or just smile as they figure out the puzzles. We work digitally and hear from our fans through emails, but there’s nothing like seeing the expressions on people’s faces when they’re having fun with our game. More pictures and videos later in this post…

In other news, Valve’s Steam game distribution service has started a new system called Greenlight, which allows indie developers like us to submit our game for community voting, with the potential to have it end up on Steam for sale with enough votes! Please help us get on Steam at this link. To vote you’ll need a Steam account with at least one game in it.

Now for some more media from the IngenuityFest. Here are just a few of the really cool people that stopped by to play Ballads of Reemus:

Thanks to Steve Felix and Matt Perrin from the Cleveland Game Dev Meetup for allowing me to come up and have some space to show our game at the festival, and thank you so much to everyone that stopped by to try out our game.