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Two years ago, we set out to create our first commercial adventure game. Today I’m proud to say that we are ready to announce the official Ballads of Reemus Release Date:
January 27th, 2012!

And now for the brand new Ballads of Reemus official trailer, with clips from the actual game:

This means your last chance to pre-order the game and play the early release 2 weeks ahead of the official release date will be January 13th, 2012.

Now that we’ve had a chance to play the game in its entirety and compare it to other indie adventure games, we’ve decided to lower our price point to $9.97 for both the downloadable and the browser-based version of the game. The decision is meant to bring our price more in-line with the current state of the game market. More information about the price change for pre-orders is after the jump (click “Read the rest…” below if needed).

So as the launch date looms on the horizon we wanted to commemorate our first ever commercial game with a special package. Presenting, the Ballads of Reemus Limited Edition Collector’s Package includes:

  • CD Version of the Game in Collectible Amaray Case Signed by Jay & Steve
  • Reemus & Liam T-Shirt
  • Reemus & Friends Sticker Sheet
  • “The Ballads of Reemus” Original Soundtrack, available for download from your account.
  • Plus the Downloadable and Browser Based Version of the Game

This set is available to order in the updated store for $39.97 + shipping with limited quantities on a first come first serve basis. Once they’re gone, they’ll be gone forever. Order your Collector’s Edition here and don’t forget to pick your shirt size!

Regarding the price change, those of you that put your faith in us and paid $15, we’d like to offer you a $7 coupon towards any future ClickShake Product. That includes both games and merchandise. You will find the coupon attached to your
ClickShake Account when you login.

Those that paid for only the browser version of the game will now be given access to the downloadable version as well. Both versions will be attached to your ClickShake account when the game is released.

Pre-orderers can also upgrade the digital order to the collector’s package for $10 off the package price. If you have a ClickShake coupon, you may use that towards this purchase as well. Simply login to your ClickShake account to upgrade your digital purchase to this package for $29.97.

All the pre-orderers have our eternal thanks! Your early support not only helped fund the project but also kept Steve and I on track with the knowledge that there were excited adventurers waiting patiently for us to finish.

41 Responses to “Ballads of Reemus – Release Date & Official Trailer!”

  1. Green123 says:

    Wow! So exited!

  2. Dalkiel says:

    Very exciting indeed.

  3. Green123 says:

    Mega super exited.

  4. dhundley2 says:

    I have to admit that I am totally stoked for this game! Congratulations Jay and Steve, the game looks bad ass! January 13th can’t come soo enough!

  5. Tearogon says:

    Oh how long I have waited! Good work guys, looking forward to playing it.

  6. AngryCheese says:

    Looks nice! Can´t wait!

  7. hooper says:

    You can keep my $7 coupon.

    It’s been fun watching you work through this process. Seven bucks is worth the pleasure of watching somebody follow a dream and take a chance on making their own way.

    Go ahead and take the coupon off my account. I can’t do much to show that I’ve appreciated the last year and a half, but I can do that.

  8. JayZiebarth says:

    Hooper, thanks so much for saying that. You have no idea how good it makes me feel to hear that you enjoyed walking the long road with me.

  9. jeltevl says:

    btw i must say that you’re voice suites liam well.

  10. JayZiebarth says:

    Thanks! I was very self conscious about doing the voice at first. I actually did a bunch of character style voices before just deciding to go with my regular voice. I think ultimately it was a good decision.

    I do 3 other characters in the game, see if you can figure out who without reading the credits :)

  11. hooper says:

    You’re most welcome!

  12. charmscale says:

    Not sure I can wait 5 more days!

  13. charmscale says:

    Er, six more days.

  14. charmscale says:

    The suspense is killing me! But is a good way.

  15. jeltevl says:

    we are waiting so long now we sure can wait another week now. :P

  16. megaman200 says:

    sooo exited i was waiting for it from 2010

  17. Green123 says:

    Yes, me too.

  18. AngryCheese says:

    Yeaaaaaah, the price came down to 23 dollars.
    I think I´m gonna be very nice at my mom and than ask her to buy me it :)
    Do the collectors edition contains some extra stuff on CD like “making of” videos or something?
    (sorry for my bad english)

  19. SteveCastro says:

    Most likely the CD will only contain the game, but we are looking at options to include the soundtrack on there in addition to providing the soundtrack as a download.

  20. AngryCheese says:

    Looking at t-shirt….still want to buy :)

  21. AngryCheese says:

    Oh god, just 2 hours!!!

  22. AngryCheese says:

    Guys, what the hell?
    I waited…and waited..
    and when everything wass at zero, the timeline changed to 5 hours and 30 minutes.

  23. SteveCastro says:

    Sorry for the confusion guys, I had to update the countdown because it was counting down to midnight in each timezone, instead of midnight Eastern time.

    This countdown is for real this time.

  24. jeltevl says:

    It is still 0:00:00 in europe. :P

  25. urmonator says:

    Have you guys thought about getting it looked at by IGN or a game-rating company? I think if you got a good enough rating you’d get noticed by millions of people looking for great indie games. Tell them your story, submit the game, maybe you’ll get lucky! Thank you two so much for your tireless efforts to push the game to release. I look forward to playing it and also receiving my collectors edition whenever it shows up! I will tell all of my friends!

  26. SteveCastro says:

    Ya, tomorrow we’ll be kicking off communications with as many legit review sites as possible.

  27. charmscale says:

    Just three hours, and suddenly I don’t care anymore. I don’t care about anything, I just hurt. I want to die.

  28. charmscale says:

    You know what’s really pathetic? I can’t even work up enough energy for suicide.

  29. charmscale says:

    Can’t seem to sleep either.

  30. SteveCastro says:

    Hey man, you should probably go ahead and relax and try to get some sleep. It’s no fun playing a game when you’re exhausted. It’ll still be here for you tomorrow when you’ve got fresh eyes. :)

  31. JayZiebarth says:

    Ya, I’d rather you be in happy spirits when you play it for the first time. Wishing death on yourself probably isn’t the best frame of mind for this game.

  32. hooper says:

    Well done.

    The gameplay is tight. A couple of those bonuses add a heck of a challenge to the game as well. The big one works particularly well; I didn’t even know it was there until I happened to start on it. Thought I was just working on the current puzzle. (Trying to be vague to avoid spoilers.)

    Some of the puzzles were pretty slick, too.

  33. Garjoz says:

    i woner if chapter 4 will be relesed(sry for the english)as an onlinegame or if i have to pay for it?

  34. straffehond says:

    So.. I fully played the Ballads, and i have to say this is a better point and click game than the Secret of Monkey Island. First of all, the full screen mode was really awesome. Made me enjoy the game even more. Second i want to compliment you guys with the weird creatures and plants you come up with. I mean, i would like on of those bacon ‘n eggs plant in my kitchen. Story was cool, about how something small can escalate in the hands of a idiot.

    Some puzzles were quite hard. Like playing with feromones was a bit tough. And i still haven’t found all the poster pieces in the prison. What i really liked, was the beetle squish sidequest. I liked thar you guys made me replay and re-enjoy scenes. The bug in the credits was tricky, but thanks to the bug logo’s in the scene selection, you saved me a lot of time.

    This game was absolutely worth my money, and i hope we’ll get to see (and hear, the voices perfectly fit the characters) of Reemus and Liam.
    Sorry for eventual typo’s, writing a review on a ipod is hard. -Mike

  35. straffehond says:

    Oh, i spoiled some things, sorry =(
    Please remove my previous post do i can make a new one.

  36. AngryCheese says:

    So, I write my rewiew too.
    So, first I start with positives of this game. Animations was very pretty and jokes was been pretty funny. Also the idea with scene selection was nice. Plus puzzles, minigames. But I think the story can be a little bit better. I really not enjoyed when I was going to get a new bed, because I broke the old one. Also the game was been a little bit short for me (made it in 2 days). I saw a lot of better games on the internet for free. Maybe if you dont spend that much time on details, you can spend more time of planning story and other things. So this is what I want for next games: Better story, longer game and I must see you have given a piece of your heart to that game. And I also think the next game will be much funnier and much longer when you make action game. Sorry for my critic, Im just saying my opinion to this.I wish you a lot of luck with next game ;)

  37. AngryCheese says:

    (Sorry 4 my english)

  38. AngryCheese says:

    Oh and one last thing:
    I want to ask you: Can I buy that collectors edition package if I am from Europe?

  39. JayZiebarth says:

    Yes, we ship to anywhere in the world. The shipping rates are listed on the Collector’s Edition page.

  40. AngryCheese says:

    Nice, thanks ;)

  41. najee says:


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