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New Rewards, Chapter 4 almost done, Ballads Pre-order Deadline Extended

7/10/10 - Our heads have been buried in finishing up Chapter 4 and plugging away at Ballads of Reemus. Chapter 4 is just about finished. For now, we’ve got new Rewards for you! Zeebarf’s first Small Favor game now has 4 new ClickShake Rewards you can earn. Go get ‘em!

In other news, we are extending the deadline for Ballads pre-orders since it’s going to be a bit longer before it comes out (new deadline to be determined). To commemorate the extension, we are giving away a free Ballads of Reemus pre-order! Just like all pre-orderer-erer-ers, the winner will be entitled to play Journeys of Reemus Chapter 4 as soon as it’s done (rather than waiting with the rest of the world to play it when it officially comes out during the Ballads launch). To win the pre-order, be the first person to respond to this post with the exactly correct answer to this question: Where do the Salt n’ Pepper flowers normally grow? (Must not already have a pre-order.) Good luck!