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Blog Comments, Member Accounts

3/30/10 - We’ve just rolled out ClickShake member accounts, which gets you a cool monster illustrated by Katherine Garner, unique to each member!  Members will also be eligible for exclusive content and benefits, like getting to play new games before anyone else. We’ve also integrated our WordPress blog, so now you can respond to our posts and let us know what’s up. Create your free account today.  Gratz to DarkRose for becoming our first ClickShake member!

Back from FGS and ready to rock

3/15/10 - We’re back from San Francisco with lots of new ideas for our next big game release. If you haven’t filled out our adventure game survey yet, please do! Your responses will influence the direction we go with our games, so make yourself heard. In other news, our Facebook page now has 100 fans and growing! We posted a bunch of pictures from California so check it out.

New adventure game released!

3/6/10 - Our latest point and click adventure game is now released! It’s called Ugly Americans: Citizen Ugly for Comedy Central’s new animated series coming out in 2 weeks. We also just rolled out a brand new layout for the site that allows us to do cool things like custom layouts for Reemus and Small Favor. Now we’re off to the Flash Gaming Summit. We’ll see you later with pics from the event!