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We just launched the official site for our upcoming game Ballads of Reemus, featuring the first screenshots from the game including a large overhead view of Reemus’ hometown Fredricus.

Also, one of the site’s big features is the Ballads Character Card section. Each week we’ll be releasing a new card for one of the game’s characters, featuring their picture at their regular hang-out location and a biography about them.

15 Responses to “ Live! New Screenshots & Character Bios!”

  1. darkbluemullet says:

    The game is looking really, really great. The new site has really whet my appetite for it. I love the animated banner at the top. :)

  2. Businessroach says:

    Do you have any release date or something? The game looks great, but the waiting is killing me!

  3. JayZiebarth says:

    Believe me, no one is more excited to see this finally launch than me. I’m pounding away on it as fast as I can.

  4. Zaigo says:

    Site looks awesome. Really waiting for the game!

  5. dominate330 says:

    The site is great. I really like the character cards and the character development that seems to be coming along nicely. I also like the more in depth aspects of the game, we finally get to explore the city part of Fredricus now.

  6. osgartheviking says:

    So excited. We’re looking forward to seeing the rest of the characters … leo, hob, fenwick, ludzo et al … !!!!

  7. Dytheros says:

    Wow, just wow.

    the Ballads site looks amazing.
    the animated banner of the city is beyond words.

    Jay, is it just me or is that a red haired version of Sol walking past in the background?

    The character bio’s are a really cool idea and I like em alot.

    can’t wait to see more, are there going to be more screen shots added to the images/video page?

  8. JayZiebarth says:

    Yes, expect the site to grow with more screenshots and eventually a real trailer. As the game gets closer to completion there will be more to see.

    No it’s not Sol, maybe a distant relative?

  9. 4296ryan says:

    are we going to see any remembrence/seeing /talking about reemuses brother and do you have a specific date yet if not thats fine i think i speak for everybody when i say the wait is killing us

  10. brussels1 says:

    dytheros thperson walking past in the background has blonde hair and is actually ludzo the butcher

  11. brussels1 says:

    cant u get a trophy for just completing massacre at hapy camp getting those trophys will be almost impossibel and take nigh on forever

  12. brussels1 says:

    put your hands up!!!
    o o
    o 0 0 o
    o o
    o \ / o
    o ~~~ o

  13. brussels1 says:

    could you put trophys on the other reemus games and the other small favour game

  14. SteveCastro says:

    Hi brussels. I know the rewards in Massacre are pretty tough. Only a few people have them. In the future I’ll try to include at least one medium level reward instead of only hard level rewards.

    I do want to include rewards in more games, I’ll keep your request in mind as I look at the todo list, but right now our priority is on getting Ballads done.

  15. brussels1 says:

    when will ballads be finished and why is nobody putting new posts up

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