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Hundreds have pre-ordered Ballads of Reemus and experienced the early release of Several Journeys of Reemus Chapter 4. Their reviews are in and people are loving the new chapter! Check out what they’re saying:

Reemus Chapter 4 Reviews

Thoughts on Chapter 4 from around the web:

We did our best to learn from what worked and what didn’t in past Reemus games, and Jay really put his all into making this the best Several Journeys game yet. It looks like the hard work is paying off!

In case you didn’t know, Chapter 4 is finished but is waiting to be released until Ballads of Reemus goes live. However, if you pre-order Ballads of Reemus today you can play Chapter 4 right now instantly. It’s our way of thanking you for showing your support for the upcoming game. Ballads is our first full-length premium game and the first Reemus game to feature voice acted dialogue and several hours of gameplay. It means so much to our small indie development team when you guys pre-order our game and helps us afford the extra time and effort we’re putting in this massive Reemus project!

Speaking of Ballads, these past few weeks Jay has been hitting the art super hard and has gotten an impressive chunk of the backgrounds and character design/animation done. There are so many characters in this game and they’re all so interesting (like animals pretending to be humans, what?!). We’re going to be releasing a new site for Ballads of Reemus soon, so expect to start seeing some sweet, sweet screenshots coming around the corner.

Finally, if you haven’t heard, The Visitor is making a comeback in a brand new action adventure horror game coming very soon! The game is finished and pending sponsorship via Haven’t seen the trailer yet? OMG wat R u waten 4?!

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10 Responses to “Reemus 4 Beastly Blackhole Reviews, Ballads Progress Report and New Visitor Game Coming!”

  1. ethanrule3 says:

    Thanks you guys for making another blog entry to let us know what’s up.

    I’m sad my thoughts weren’t in the ad, but it’s okay, ’cause I really am looking forward to it.

    Keep up the AWESOME work!!!

  2. ZEROwes says:

    haha, cool i made it into the add, and I stand by what I said
    its the best one yet, and i have a feeling every one after will continue to be better

  3. 4296ryan says:

    sweet ive played it its like 6 out of 5 best one yet also when is ballads coming out dont want to rush you but really want it

  4. 4296ryan says:

    also will this be the last reemus game cause i hope not cause they’re awesome and i dont want a legacy to end love all your games by the way

  5. SteveCastro says:

    We are hoping to release the game early 2011. We’re not planning to make this the last one.

  6. 4296ryan says:

    sweet thanks im so glad thanks love the games again

  7. spookspoon says:

    WOAH I cant belive I just noticed (I know that the post was putted a week ago) my thoughts are in THERE!!!!!!!!!! Ive always wanted to appear in internet :D well the series of reemus is so awsome, that you need a new word for how awsome it is.

  8. AngryCheese says:

    I think chapter 4 was the worst chapter of Reemus saga…
    Chapter 4 is totally different from other Reemus games….
    How can you do this?
    How can you make start that great saga and make that stuping ending?
    I was waiting for something like “epic battle Reemus vs. those bugs”.
    And this ended like this?
    Please make chapter 5 of returning of those bugs…:,(
    Sorry for the critic but that´s my opinion about that game…

  9. SteveCastro says:

    Chapter 4 is definitely not the end. Reemus has a lot more epic bug battles ahead of him.

  10. AngryCheese says:

    That´s awesome!:D

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