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The Story and Characters of Ballads of Reemus

Ballads of Reemus: When the Bed Bites features 36 voice acted characters that you will get to meet on this new journey, including the townsfolk of Fredricus and of course the many different kinds of bugs! Learn more about the story below and check out all the Character Cards with biographies.

Reemus - The Exterminator | Liam - The Purple Bear | Ty - The Rope Maker | Leopold - The Water Boy | Hob - The Miller | Fenwick - The Craftsman | Ludzo - The Butcher | Oswald - The Baker | Waldorf - The Bard | Grappa - The Bartender | Bart - The Drunk | Vick - The Hustler | Bed Bugs | Fire Ants

In the Kingdom of Fredricus, where 97% of the population is illiterate, the only real way to get your name known is through song. High tales of adventure sung in ballad form delight crowds and guarantee celebrity status to whoever finds their name in the lyrics. So for Reemus the exterminator, who lives his life being known as the less successful brother of the great and mighty dragon slayer Raymus the Mighty, creating a ballad of his own is crucial to carving out his identity.

Unfortunately every extermination job Reemus has ever undertaken has resulted in fire, flooding and massive property damage. Not exactly the most heroic tales to win over a crowd.

But persistence pays off and after a lengthy battle with a house fly, Reemus has finally scored the victory he needs to craft an epic ballad. There’s only one problem, the town is way too distracted to listen. Now Reemus and Liam must saddle up and embark on a quest to restore order to Fredricus and refocus the townsfolk’s attention back to where they need it, on them!

Sludge through swamps, barter with merchants, fly with birds, tunnel into underground lairs and battle giant insects as Reemus and Liam stop at nothing to get people to pay attention to them! 15 minutes of fame has never been so hard!
Reemus is the greatest exterminator in the entire Kingdom of Fredricus… he also happens to be the only one. Overshadowed by the exploits of his famous dragon slaying brother, Reemus dreams of the day when his name too will be sung in joyous song in taverns across the land. For now he’ll have to settle for his name being cursed in the occasional drunken outburst.
Reemus’ best friend, sidekick and biographer. Liam attempts to regale the townsfolk with songs of Reemus’ greatness. Unfortunately most of the tales end with fire, flooding and massive property damage making hit songs hard to come by. Still, Liam does everything he can to help Reemus achieve fame and fortune, even if it means doing all the work.
Ty is the most gifted rope maker in all the land of Moniker. Known for exquisite design and strength, Ty’s ropes have been sought after by royalty and pirates alike. Legend has it that Ty creates his rope with strands of hair from his own head, which would explain why each rope takes 6 months to produce.
In charge of water well maintenance, Leopold has followed his entrepreneurial spirit and seized the opportunity to become Fredricus’ first and only bottled water provider. Though with his 100% deposit return on empty bottles, his business has yet to make any real profit.
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Germophobic is an understatement when it comes to Hob. Never seen without hygienic gloves and protective headwear, Hob prides himself on his mill's spotless condition. Though the mill is open to visitors, animals are strictly prohibited ever since Brawt the farmer's pig got too close to the grinding wheel and gave new meaning to the term "pork chop". Hob hasn’t eaten bacon since.
A perfectionist’s perfectionist, Fenwick is unwilling to settle for anything less than a complete masterpiece. This undying quest for excellence has led Fenwick to only ever produce one clay pot, which is currently on sale for the low price of Fourteen Million Gold Coins. “When you hit perfection on your first creation, why take a chance and ruin a perfect record?”
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When it comes to swinging sharp blades and butchering animal carcasses, no one is better than Ludzo. With his ginger mane and impressive facial hair, Ludzo is the envy of every man in town. Although due to his gruff demeanor, steely gaze and imposing size, most citizens try to avoid contact with him as much as they can.
Creativity seeps from every baked good that leaves Oswald’s famous oven. Whether it is the real bumblebees in the bumbleberry pie or the actual funnel inside the sugary funnel cakes. Oswald’s originality never disappoints, even if the taste does.
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Living by the motto “Enquiring ears want to hear”, no secret is safe from Waldorf the gossipy bard. Known for spreading scandals, rumors and insults through song, Waldorf is a crowd favorite. Although, experiencing a complete performance by Waldorf is rare, as his songs are usually cut short by a fist to the face from an angry spectator.
Having manned the taps at “Ye Olde Hammer” for over two decades, Grappa is a beloved pillar of the community. His signature drink, The Flaming Face Punch, has been described as swallowing a volcanic eruption while catching a falling anvil with your face. In other words, it's one of Fredricus’ most popular drinks.
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A professional bar stool warmer, Bart is a regular at “Ye Olde Hammer”. He considers himself a connoisseur of all fine ales and spirits, though his policy of “Quantity over Quality” tends to keep him drinking the cheapest swill Grappa will pour. Winner of the Pickled Egg Eating Challenge 7 years running.
Specializing in exotic imports, Vick has cornered the market on bizarre gadgets. From his portable wheat chaffer to his body cleaning lard bar, customers have learned they can trust Vick to bring them the latest in cutting edge products. Unfortunately they can also trust Vick for inflated prices, horrible customer service and a strict no refund policy.
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If you find your home infested with bed bugs, the best advice for solving your problem is to move. Cranky and notoriously hard to get rid of, Bed Bugs hate moving once they get comfortable. Attempts to rouse them from bed are often met with spitting, biting and constant complaining, which is why they are often referred to as the “teenagers” of the insect world.
With strength of 100 men and the temper of 100 angry women, fire ants are among the most formidable of all insect opponents. If fire ants decide to crash your party, expect them to eat all your food, insult you, beat up on your friends and not know when to leave. Basically it’s like Christmas with your in-laws if they had multiple limbs and antennae.
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