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An auction game with 100 funny items to try to win, 13 goofy opponents to bid against with their own unique bidding style, and 6 exotic locations to visit. See if you can complete collections that allow you to unlock the 3 super secret special locations and win as many items as you can while hoarding tons of moolah.

Visit six exotic locations to bid on overpriced, rare and bizarre items in an attempt to increase your net worth from merely grand to grotesquely bloated.

Pick a location and buy a seat at the table (you start the game at a practice auction first). You will be given tokens in the denominations of 1, 3 and 5 to bid with. Each item auction lasts 6 rounds. Whoever has the highest cumulative bid at the end of round 6 wins the item. The value of the item will be liquidated into your net worth, growing your fortune, and adding to your prize room.

Complete item collections to increase the value of the set. Certain collections are required to travel to special locations.

The item you are bidding on is show on the mid-left and it's name is at the very top middle. When the auction starts, you bid by clicking the tokens in the lower left of the screen, below your total Auction Account. You have 5 seconds to decide how you will bid, or you will automatically bid zero. You can manually bid zero too by clicking the zero token, or if you don't want an item you can click 'Skip Item' to move on to something else. Take note of the amount you have of each token type, as each type is limited. Be careful not to overbid, and pay attention to the way each opponent bids, as they all have a very specific way of reacting to being in the lead or coming from behind.

Also, look out for the yellow highlighted rounds, where coming in 2nd or 3rd for that round can give you a special bonus 5 token on that auction.

Created by ClickShake Games for Comedy Central.