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  1. SteveCastro says:

    What game systems do you play on? I have XBox 360 and PC. I love the wireless 360 controllers. I'm still playing games on GameCube and PS2 too. Wii is kinda cool but for me I like precision control more than motion controllers which can be fudged (more than button mashing IMO). However, I do like DDR, Guitar Hero and I have Tony Hawk Ride which is kinda neat.

    I used to be loyal to Nintendo (never had a SEGA), but XB360 is my favorite system to play on right now.

  2. tman140 says:

    I play on a mac, wii, ds, gamecube, and a ps3

  3. Earl says:

    I used my DS/DS Lite almost exclusively for quite a long time until I eventually wore out the R button (I didn't know it was even possible to wear out Nintendo buttons anymore!). Can't see much justification in buying a new one when the 3DS isn't too far off.

    The Wii had some amazing titles, from 2D goodness like Muramasa, to 1st-person like Metroid Prime, to 3rd-person like Resident Evil 4 (nobody who ever aimed in RE3, MP3, or with arrows in Twilight Princess could claim about lack of precision.)

    But, it's actually occurred to me that (with the possible exception of the DS), the systems I've played the most are the PlayStation and PS2. Between the greatest games of all time being PlayStation games, and the PS2 being the king of two-player (Gundam titles, Dynasty Warriors, etc)... they were really impressive systems.

    These days, it's mostly PS3, but even though I've played it a lot, it's mostly been 5 or so titles, so it hasn't 'won' me over just yet. The only 360 game I particularly enjoyed was Gears of War.

  4. ethanrule3 says:

    I have a DS Lite and a PC (which I acutally don't have any games for, but am planning to get Sid Miere's Civilization 4 [does anyone know if that's good?]) but I also play PS2 and 3, Wii, and GameCube at my best friend's house. Wii (absolutely NO pun intended) like to play LittleBigPlanet, Super Smash Brawl, Trauma Center: New Blood, and next time I'm going to try Shadow of the Colossus, which she says is the most innovative game ever.

    Anyway, for my DS Lite, I really only play Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, LEGO Star Wars, Civilization Revolution, and of course, the Professor Layton series.

    Oh, and I also have an iPod Touch. I am obsessed with Pocket God, Assassin's Creed I and II, H.A.W.X. (flight simualtor), and Snail Mail.

    Sorry for such a long post!

  5. Darkroot says:

    Ehh mostly Pc games I was around for the snes and nes but I never got one and I missed the n64 era which was a bummer since alot of good games were relased on that. Later after my friend gave me their broken snes and I had to fix it and find a remote which was impossible.

    Never really liked anything on the ps2 except the Jak and Daxter Series.

    The wii has alot of intresting game thought alot of them are major disapointments. Thought the mario glaxy game was pretty inovative and fun.

    @Earl can't you get replacement parts for that?

  6. xXincognitoXx says:

    - I mostly play my PS3 (Usually COD:MW2 online - level 61 on 5th prestige) and will also play Resistance:FoM, and Fallout 3 (complete with all add-ons). Already have platinum in inFamous. My brother also have FF:XIII. Considering that I bought my ps3 only about 5 months ago (December 10) and have about 175+ trophies I am happy.

    - I have a Wii also (but prefer a standard dual-shock controller) and play Animal Crossing, Super Mario Galaxy, new super mario bros wii, Mario Kart, Twilite Princess, and of course SSB: Brawl.

    - I also play on my DS (original) but not too much lately. I use to be into it but i've slowed down with it.

    - No computer games (too old of computer). I only use it for flash games and a few others (Ballads of Reemus eventually "thanks for using my link Earl").

    - Use to be big gamecube and PS2 but don't play anymore except for my collectors edition Legend of Zelda Orcarina of time and Majoras Mask for Gamecube.


    @Ethan I own Shadow of Colossus and it is a really good game.

  7. jeltevl says:

    I play at the pc, wii en ps3.
    For the wii it are most time mario games like super mario galaxy and super paper mario.
    I also have some other games for the wii wich I play (fire emblem, star wars the force unleashed)
    For the ps3 I play at this moment ff XIII and resistance fall of men (I and II) the most.
    At the pc I play somewhat fewer at this moment. But when I play my favorite games are: battle for middle earth (I and II) and star wars: kotr I and II.

  8. darkbluemullet says:

    I use my PC for playing flash games only.

    I use for my PS3 for everything else. Games, music, movies, etc. Now as I have mentioned many times before...... I want to combine this. I want to see Reemus in the Mini's section on the PSN store. You know it makes sense :P

  9. tman140 says:

    maby, just maby a minigame, but thats it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  10. beewyka says:

    Pc mostly playing Minecraft or Roblox.

  11. alexdtr says:

    xenoblade chronicles for wii... one of the best games i've ever played

  12. DarkKnight says:

    I like playing minecraft on my computer!!!

  13. Logan says:

    @xXincognitoXx i also play COD MW2 online maybe we could play sometime here's my gamertag:GREAT123098


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