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  1. henoros says:

    Didn't Dawkins write a book about how the generation of the universe could have occurred spontaneously without any design according to quantum relativistic physics recently?

  2. Darkroot says:

    Don't you mean Hawkins? Dawkins writes about evolutionary biology. I believe the book is called "The Grand Design" I have it but I haven't read it entirely yet.

  3. henoros says:

    Indeed you are correct, made a typo. Hawkins, the book is The God Delusion.

  4. electrokaratedoc says:

    Richard Dawkins wrote "The God Delusion."

  5. SteveCastro says:

    Personally, I don't believe that quantum mechanics has given us enough to justify that spontaneous creation occurs.

  6. Darkroot says:

    Hawkins argues that all you need is gravity. Though if there is a multiverse then the likelihood that a universe with the correct constants for life to exists is high. Especially if you move more than two, then you create a high range of possibilities of life to exist.

  7. JayZiebarth says:

    Are we talking about Stephen Hawking? Isn't Hawkins the guy from the series "Carnivale".

  8. spookspoon says:

    Hey so have you ever wandered why does this planet has many iron, since this should be just a normal earth planet? well actually the iron on our planet came from a massive star not too far from our star. iron is created when a massive star is near the end of its lifespan. The helium molecules start to run into each other, creating iron, which is dangerous to massive stars. I dont remember much but somehow the star explodes in a super nova. the iron molecules are lunched very far away from the star. those molecules where lunched enough to get to our planet.

    Now after a super nova, a neutron star is a very small yet wierd type of star, that has its particles packed up so tightly, that it would be like crushing the empire state building into a grain of sand. this star rolls very quickly, and gives hot light of its north and south poles.

    And lastly, a dark hole when a star that is 100 times bigger than our sun, explodes in a HYPER NOVA! A dark hole has its particles packed up so tight, that there is no space left between each one, that results in LOTS and LOTS of gravity. It has so much gravity, that not even the light can escape this giant ball. Actually all the galaxies have a dark hole in the center. But if a dark hole is constantly adding stuff to itself, then why doesnt it get bigger? well, when a dark hole eats too much, it makes a giant blast of energy from its south and north poles, since matter can transform into energy.

    Well, that is some of the stuff that I know.

  9. mechingas says:

    a GOOD question will be.

    who is right scientifics, history, or the bible?

    i mean look if you ever read the bible or at least go to church they telll you that the 1st humans in the world where eva and adan but scientifics said that at the beggining we where monkeys but history said that there where 1st pobladors and all that.

    well you can said: after adan there where all that show of the historic theory
    but how can you explain the monkey theory and also after adan and eva get babys they werent the 1st pobladors, there where called cain and abel and after that it was born abraham and moises until we get to now present.


    dare you!!!!!!!!

  10. spookspoon says:

    oh please didnt you read the forum? we have a religion because if we didnt, then we would just be doubting everything in the universe. and as for an answer to your question...

    When life was created in this world, the first things to live where those weird fish that died all of a sudden. well after the dinosaurs and all that, an intelligent being somehow evolved. After many years of evolution, They came to be what are now Humans.

    The first intelligent humans are those dudes that made tribes and all that.

    and, Eva and Adam weren't living on the earth. They were living on god's paradise.

  11. mechingas says:

    o, sorry i didnt read them is cause there were a LOT of VERY large comments


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