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  1. mechingas says:

    hi everybody, i think everybody here has suffer something grose right? well this forum is to post what you have suffer. and if you're story is the most grose of all you win 100 bucks!!!!! youst joking. this forum is to laugh and to say: WHOA! thats GROSE

  2. mechingas says:

    ok, i think the grosest thing that had ever happend to me was when i was in south padre island and a jellifish stink me. :S the grose thing was that i had to put my own pee on the part that the jellyfish stink me :S

  3. xXincognitoXx says:

    Ever heard someone say "go take a crap in the woods"........ yep, I've done that.....I had to use leaves and everything.

  4. mechingas says:

    ugh, so you are a nature boy eh?


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