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  1. Earl says:

    So, the summer has nearly drawn to a close (yeah, I know, it doesn't officially end until mid-September, but when you teach you basically operate on the same schedule as a student for these things).
    Once again, I find myself assessing the things I got done, and the things I didn't (a far longer list). And it's gotten me thinking about all the things I put off.

    Mind you, I don't mean things that I put off because I wanted to avoid doing them (so not trimming the hedges or something like that). No, I mean things I actually wanted to do.
    And that got me wondering: What have you been putting off that you'd actually like to do?
    Playing some game? Reading some book? Painting some room?
    Of course, if you've been putting off several things, that's fine too. I just mean the things that you really wish you'd gotten around to (and maybe still hope to).

  2. Earl says:

    Oh, uh, for my own part, I've been putting off three things: Doing a bit of research (with a friend who was getting his MSc at the same time I was), trying to get a bit of machine vision working (to spruce up the Robotics lab that's kinda fallen into disuse), and most of all learning to develop for Android.

  3. connah14 says:

    going back to school on the 5th of september

  4. darkbluemullet says:

    Getting a new job I would have to say. However, I am in the middle of convertic my attic into a bedroom whilst still working so I kinda have an excuse. So I am stuck in the same old boring ass job untill I get my ass in gear and decide what I want from my future......

  5. Earl says:

    Heh... I particularly like that you've justified doing one thing by doing other (legitimate) work instead.
    More and more, I've been finding myself procrastinating by trying to find something else I'd rather do instead, but won't feel too guilty about spending my time on.

  6. JayZiebarth says:

    Starting to design a new game.

  7. connah14 says:

    Studying , revising for my mock exams in december :( :( :(


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