Ballads of Reemus & Several Journeys / What did you think of my new ballad?
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  1. Reemus says:

    Probably the best you've heard right?

  2. JayZiebarth says:


  3. Green123 says:


  4. darkbluemullet says:

    How long before Liam pop's up.....

  5. jarnowild says:

    Hey Reemus!
    I'm a big fan can i get your autograph on the portrait of you i made?

  6. Kirby1kenoby says:

    Great game! Keep making us dream like that!

  7. SteveCastro says:

    Jarno, where is the portrait you made?

  8. jarnowild says:

    Okay,first i'm a kid so dont laugh if i show it.
    Second i'm posting it as soon as i can wich isnt realle fast so.
    But i'll do my best.

  9. rhcooper says:

    I think it needs more Cowbell!

  10. SteveCastro says:

    Yes! More cowbell!


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