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  1. erix111 says:

    So hello everyone ! I still come here from time to time maybe not a lot of people remember me, but I was one of the first to create an account here... anyways I came here to say there's amazing game called tribes accend and it's just pure awesome. It is one of the fastest online fps games out there
    so if u want to try it's free to play -->

    I know that it's a referral link, but it helps me out so if u like the game register trough that link ! Sorry if this counts as bad addvertisment or whatever , but just try the game it's awesome !

  2. SteveCastro says:

    I tried the original Tribes back in college. I didn't really get into it.

  3. Darkroot says:

    Seems like to get anything in the game you have to grind pretty hard. So finding a weapon and a class that fits you best is kinda a grindfest. Also some of the newer weapons were overpowered I think they fixed it now but it is annoying when people buy stronger weapons and have an advantage over you not matter how long it lasts. But the hate could be because my computer is not very good and that the textures look like fuzzy play doh mixed with water for me.


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