ClickShake Elite / THIS GAME IS SO ESEY!!!!
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  1. spookspoon says:

    okay first of all, I know I spelled esey wrong. just play this game

    and then watch this video.

    MAN its so funny, I watched it 15 times, laughed 14 times, and exploded once :D

  2. SteveCastro says:

    I've seen that before. It's great. :)

  3. mechingas says:

    jajajajajaja thats a good one!

  4. GREAT1 says:

    i liked that game,i finished on three minutes

  5. spookspoon says:

    the game is more of a joke than a game.

  6. beewyka says:

    LOL "ALL YOU DO IS HIT THE SPACEBAR" and "ALL YOU DO IS HIT ONE BUTT TEN!" spookspoon is right the game is more of a joke than a game.

  7. Earl says:

    Heh... so I finally got around to trying out the links, and yeah, amoosing. :)


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