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  1. hamburgis says:

    aparentitive you are a very creative man

  2. spookspoon says:

    heh thanks stranger :D

  3. pfrogy says:

    mmmmm to be honest im always critic, but man realy, you know how to make a comic its reeally good congratullations

  4. calami says:

    yea nice comic dude jajaaj

  5. beefsnarf123 says:

    spookspoon has a gift

  6. spookspoon says:

    heh thanks to all of you. maybe later I can post the whole comic somewhere where you can see it.

  7. beefsnarf123 says:

    can you make more

  8. beefsnarf123 says:

    rock on spookspoon

  9. spookspoon says:

    jeje I've been kinda busy...

  10. beefsnarf123 says:

    some ideas i have in mind if these were books

    book 1 into the clickshake univeruse his first adventure

    book 2 tall tales spookspoon and more go to the mountines to save those people he said in a comic a while ago

    book 3 wizzards of spookspoon spookspoon some others and more find the side mountine which is honnord to wizzards

    book 4 the morden adventures that not sleep aka monster snarf i turn into a giant evil monster

    hey just ideas guys

  11. beefsnarf123 says:

    hey spook spoon in your books are jay and steve the kings

  12. beewyka says:

    Hey nice job Spookspoon and I see some new people (well new to me) have got intrested in your comics. Oh and just so the new guys know, I"M NOT NEW ok i've had an acount since the end of 2009 I think or around that.


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