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  1. beefsnarf123 says:

    Hey guys i know i have not been on this site in a while but now i am back with all new ideas and more so first of all i just want to say some things.

    1: When i am older i will still make online games and such.

    2:The only Joe i will make when i am older is The Many Quests Of Joe and The Many Tales of Joe.

    3:The Many Quests Of Joe and The Many Tales of Joe have all been remastered so everything is different more info coming soon.

  2. jarnowild says:

    Whats that whith you saying you will make a game i dont get it.
    Are you gonna make a game or are you just a kid that already plans it.
    Making games isnt easy.

  3. Boerger says:

    @jarnowild: look here

    An absolute highlight of this forum. ;-)

  4. beefsnarf123 says:

    Yo jarnowild i know making games is not easy this my idea for a series i will make when i am OLDER


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