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  1. Dalkiel says:

    For those in the USA:

    Get in touch with your Senators and Representatives, tell them to vote no to SOPA and PIPA.

  2. SteveCastro says:

    I signed the petition from the google home page.

  3. Earl says:

    Meh. Not surprising that wikipedia is against sopa, considering how much they love stealing content (and then adding the extra insult of adding their own license to it).

  4. SteveCastro says:

    I'm not a big fan of piracy and it'd be cool if pirated stuff was a little less easy to get. I'm not sure if this bill is the right way to do it though.

  5. howhow54321 says:

    guys! you do realise the media don't give a poop about SOPA and it's planning on shutting down google, youtube, reddit, wikipedia and many other sites that have any user created content! that means no more news about anything, and a very limited amount of games! please help the u.s by being against it!


  6. Earl says:

    Erm... no?
    That's just... not based in anything resembling fact. Or even intent.

  7. spookspoon says:

    sorry, I was gonna say something, but decided not to :3 please pay no attention to this comment

  8. Earl says:

    There was nothing wrong with what you said the first time around. :)

  9. spookspoon says:

    thanks, I just confused that with another topic.

  10. Vilthuril says:

    SOPA and PIPA's purpose is to cut down on music, movie and gaming piracy. The problem with the bills is that they give the government WAY too much power. The way it is worded, they can technically force any website that has the potential of having any user post 'illegal' content to have it's ip address blocked.

    It gives the right to music companies that don't want their artists songs sung by anyone, to prosecute people who just want to post a video of themselves singing a song on youtube. It gives the guys with money and power the chance to make more money, and get more power and basically control the internet.

    It gives the 1%, if you will, the possibility to censor the internet as much as they want, so that the rest of us believe whatever the hell they tell us. THAT is why it's bad.

    Piracy is bad, but can anyone here say they've never downloaded and mp3? Or borrowed a game from a friend and copied it? Practically EVERYONE is guilty of piracy in one way or another. And this is NOT the way to go about fixing it.

    If you want to know more about it, there are a lot of good videos and websites:


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