Ideas & Suggestions / Scaleform or AIR?
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  1. jennblogs says:

    Has anyone downloaded the free trial for Scaleform Mobile? I’m curious how it compares to AIR…

  2. jsam7 says:

    Haven't downloaded the eval yet but I saw these guys at Casual Connect and the tech looked pretty awesome

  3. SteveCastro says:

    FYI, this thread is a marketing ploy by AutoDesk, makers of Scaleform. Not especially spamming though, so I guess I'll allow it.

    It's neat to think you can use the Flash interface still to deploy games to mobile via Unity.

    With the support for vector graphics, I imagine you can still get performance issues if you aren't extremely mindful of optimizing your # of vectors though, right? Would Scaleform handle a whole detailed vector scene with alphas, tweened puppet animations, etc.?

    Could you use Scaleform to port any existing Flash game to Unity, or does it only support a subset of Flash's features?


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