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  1. chinaskibaby says:

    Just like your games, I cant really ever see myself getting tired of the "Reincaration" series.

    Great games, wonderfully darkly humorous and with an appropriate level of comedic violence.

    I believe Big Group Productions are the authors.

    Know these guys at all?

    I could totally see a mind blowing collaboration...

    Just saying!

  2. JayZiebarth says:

    I know their games, but I don't know them personally. Definitely have a similar gaming mindset! I heard they're trying to do a longer, commercial version of the series. That would be very cool if they get it done.

  3. Dalkiel says:

    The creator of that series tried to get funding via Kickstarter, but that fell through (he succeeded using it to fund his talking demon dolls). He is now taking preorders for a full game, I assume in a similar fashion to Ballads.

  4. darkbluemullet says:

    I mentioned they guys a while ago. They run a scheme where you can donate to the game in return for various things, depending on the amount you pay. (obviously the more you give, the more you get.) It varies from stickers and dolls to sponsorship and in-game characters.

    Don't know how popular or how successful it has been for them but maybe it is a line that CSG may want to go down?


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