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  1. jeltevl says:

    licked them. The monster is friendly towards skeletons. So the monster and the skeletons became friends for life. But then some monster hunters entered the island.

  2. spookspoon says:

    These monster hunters weren't humans, they were even bigger monsters who had ferocious teeth and claws. They were so huge, They could easily squish or skeleton friends. However, they have poor eyesight so they didnt notice them or anything else that was smaller than a babao tree.

  3. jeltevl says:

    so the skelletons have two options. Or they are going into hiding and let the monster hunters kill the monster. Or they make a plan to safe the monster.
    After some thinking they decided too...........

  4. iggypop521 says:

    Suffocate themselves in the sea, when they realise they can't because they no longer have lungs.Unfortunately, the monster did, so they were once again stuck, wondering, "Do we pull a legger or save our friend.Eventually, they decided to.....

  5. mechingas says:

    pull a legger cause his "friend" was shouting bad words to them. they where safe and the monster........

  6. jeltevl says:

    .......... was captured by the monster hunters and taken away. The skeletons are safe for this moment. Now they only need to find a way too undo the curse.

  7. spookspoon says:

    they somehow returned to the city and looked for a magician that can return them to normal again. But since they were... skeletons, the people attacked them out of fear and used shovels to hit them. the dudes had to run... again. they heard one of the pannicked citizens say "Get out of our city, return to your domain, in the skeleton village!!!" one of them thought there could be a skeletal magician that could undo their spell. but they had no idea where the village was.

  8. mechingas says:

    so they where praying under a tree. it was something like this: skeleton1:please chuck norrris!! please save us!!! suddently chuck norris appear and saw the poor skeletons praying, so he dicide to round house kick became humans! (you know, chuck norris round house kick can do everything) then........

  9. jeltevl says:

    they did go back too home. But strangely everyone looked strange towards them. There must be something wrong but what can it be?

  10. spookspoon says:

    "its those guys who ripped us off!!!" said alvin.

  11. jeltevl says:

    everyone ran towards them and they became captured. Let's kill them alvin shouted and everyone agreed so some day's later they were dropped in the sea. But in the sea the wizard of atlantis lived and he decided too bring them back too live so he can used them too conquer the world.

  12. spookspoon says:

    he gave them special powers. one of them could fly, the other one had lazer eyes. the third one had atom powers, which means he can distortion the molecules that create everything, sadly he could only use that power to a limited degree. and the lead singer of the band had a strong imagination. so strong, he could make a sword appear out of nowhere.

  13. jeltevl says:

    the first thing they decide too do was too take revenge on alvin and everyone who chased them. So they headed towards the city and there..........

  14. spookspoon says:

    thanks to a great and rather unfortunate coincidense, the newest model of a US tank was just riding in the streets. apperently, this new tank model was equiped with better vision than its past generations. so it spotted the super guys real easily. it started shooting all types of wierd and revolutionary weapons. their fist reaction was to...

  15. GREAT1 says:

    grab a girl and used her as human shield :D

  16. jeltevl says:

    but the girls was a superhero so with her powers she escaped from the guys. So the only thing they could do now was going back to the man who gave them their powers and follow his instructions.

  17. Fingie says:

    They went back to the man who gave them their powers but when they got there, he was lying on the floor dead with a note beside him saying an address.

  18. jeltevl says:

    so the group made the journey to the address and when they arrived there they did go inside. But once inside they saw ..............

  19. spookspoon says:

    nothing... the room was empty, there was blood all over the room. while searching for clues, the dudes found another note. this time it said...

  20. beefsnarf123 says:

    Beware of the darkness after reading that the four were thinking what it ment
    but at that same time they got shot the leader like the rest were losing too much blood and blurs were everywhere but he saw in front of them.........

  21. Fingie says:

    A dark, black creature whose head was hitting off the ceiling. Around his neck he had a name-tag that said 'Darkness' and underneth it said 'Beware'. The creature roared, picked up a knife and.....

  22. jeltevl says:

    said i am very sorry. The creature taught that they were his brothers who want to kill him. So after that the group was resting at the home of the dark creature. But after a month of three the brothers from darkness light and good attacks.

  23. Fingie says:

    The brothers left the home of the creature to try and find another wizard to tell them what to do. Along the way, while thay were travelling over a mountain they saw a massive, big, ugly....

  24. jeltevl says:

    dragon. This dragon was not only ugly but also very angry. So it attacked immidiatly.

  25. Fingie says:

    The brothers were so frignted they could not move a muscle and were killed on the spot but suddenly...


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