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  1. spookspoon says:

    okay so I suddenly had this great idea that is for all of us to make a random funny story together. the rules are simple

    *I will start with a sentence, then anybody else makes a post continuing what I said. sort of like this

    me: there was once a dude that made flash games.
    somebody: and he had a buddy named jay.
    somebody else: together they made a web page called

    *you can distortion it as much as you wish, but not too much because then it wont make sense.

    *if you wanna post something that isnt the story continuation, then place it in parentesis. (I hope I spelled that right :D )

    (I hope this sinks in, I want to read this page on the future and laugh so hard, that the people around me wold go deaf.)

  2. spookspoon says:

    (anyway here is the first sentence)

    Once upon a time, on a faraway wasteland, there was a dude whose name was Stephan.

  3. mechingas says:

    he want to be a musican to earn some money

  4. sneakers says:

    but he was fat, poor, and he didnt have any fingers, so he start to play the piano with his nose but that was boring so the killed him.

  5. spookspoon says:

    but chuck norris revived him with fully awesomeness so the dude got a guitar and formed a band.

  6. jeltevl says:

    But the band wasn't succesful because they didn't promotod themselfs. So they decided too hire a manager.

  7. alexdtr says:

    the manager was a big fat worm

  8. darkbluemullet says:

    .But this was fine as his percentage of all future earnings was 0 as he only wanted apples, juicy delicious apples.

  9. Earl says:

    Unfortunately, unseasonably cold weather had led to some rather poor apple orchards, and the remaining apples became an expensive commodity.

  10. spookspoon says:

    so everyone decided to earn money making small chores for strangers.

  11. mechingas says:

    god noticed that they where making chores so he dicided to give stephan fingers and a better manager

  12. darkbluemullet says:

    But Stephan realised he was just dreaming as he allready had fingers..... oh, and there is no god. So he woke up, got out of bed and...

  13. spookspoon says:

    ...formed a real band. it was called fingerless squirrels

  14. jeltevl says:

    but everyone expected music making squirrels. But they where not in their band so it was no succes.

  15. iggypop521 says:

    Then Alvin and the Chipmunks claimed that they were "Like, totally rippin' us off" and brought the Fingerless Squirrels to court.

  16. XxmeemaxX says:

    the judge was a fat guy who had cancer and it will probably be his last judgement
    then when he was going to say youre guilty he died

  17. beefsnarf123 says:

    then after that the band ran off from court alvin and the chipmunks chased them and than before you know it the whole town is a big mob chasing them

  18. spookspoon says:

    so they took out some sunglasses and disguised themselves as someone else.

  19. jeltevl says:

    but a kid throwed a rock to them and the sunglass of one of them broked. So the people recognised them and they must run again.

  20. beefsnarf123 says:

    After running again they end up on a dock they see a speed boat they kick off the captain and start the boat and escape into the sea but what they do not know is that a storm is coming.

  21. spookspoon says:

    but the boat has a radio so they know about the storm. they have two options. death in sea, or death in public. so they dicide to...

  22. spookspoon says:

    keep going into the storm. apperantly the storm wasnt so big so they were okay. But there was still one problem. they had no idea they were headed into the bermuda triangle. (lets just make a recap that the bermuda triangle was originaly the bermuda square. until chuck norris kicked one of the corners off :D )

  23. iggypop521 says:

    Unfortunately, an ingenious Welsh frog fired a rocket at them from his blimp.They landed on an island, inhabited by a large, vicious monster.

    Sorry If This Is A Bump.

  24. beefsnarf123 says:

    The monster tries to smash them and use his laser eyes so they jumped away and fell into a deep hole of skeletons
    that used to be knights.

  25. spookspoon says:

    Since the skeletons were dead they decided to take the armor and swords they had. they were going to confront the huge monster. Apparently the monster was asleep. It was midnight and the had to get out of there before some random senseless event would happen happen.

  26. jeltevl says:

    but there was a curse on the armour. When they walk past a mirrow they saw that they are skeletons themself now. Living skeletons.
    They became this because they taked the cursed armour.

  27. jotymin24680 says:

    so they dicide to take out the armor but it was to late they took it off but there where still skeletons. so the have 2 options be naked skeletons or be skeletons with armor and they decide too .........

  28. jeltevl says:

    become skeletons with armor. Because it's is humiliating to be naked even when you are a skelleton. But then there happened something that was much more important than just decide putting armour on or not on.

  29. spookspoon says:

    It was already day and the huge wierd monster from another world was awake. It didnt seem like he had noticed the cursed dudes.

  30. mechingas says:

    the skeletons where freaked out when the saw the monster (apparently they also forgot things) so they decide to run. desafurtunatly (i dont know if desafurtunatly is spelled like that) the monster saw them running,so he ran after them. the guys run and hide under a bannana tree. they started screaming (wich obiously was an stupid idea cause the monster imedidiatly saw them) the monster walked slowly through them and ........ (btw as you notice i mispelled many words :S i need to practice my spelling a lot)

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