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  1. mechingas says:

    please help me. i need a really cool charachter for a really long comic that im gonna make. why? because im goin to dallas and from where i live to dallas you make like 10 hours of trip so i was wondering what to do on that 10hrs and i decided to take mah x-box 360 and connect it to mah mini-van. but i wasnt gona play 10hrs x-box so i decided to make some commics. but i need a really cool charachter cause mah brain doesnt have any ideas. i try serching for one on newgrounds but i dont how the games are called in there so i need help. if anyboy nows about a game in newgrounds where i can find an awsome charachter or a video where i can find it or an piture please post the link on here so i can see it

  2. spookspoon says:

    making an original character isnt so easy as it seems. Im pretty sure all you want to do is draw. seeing a character is one thing, but if there is no personality with it, giving it one can be challenging or easy, depending on the complexity of the character's outfit. I can't offer any ideas, but after you have your character, and if you want to make all the paper and time you used worth it, then you must also choose a storyline. or it can simply be humourus tales, like garfield. you can choose your comics to be action or comedy. I went with both. comedy is easier to draw because most of what gives it value are usually the conversations between characters, which means, writing words. action comics are more challenging, since you have to figure out how to position your character on whatever move he makes.

    well, hope that helped. not sure if you read the whole paragraph, and if you will take my advise but if you did then... thanks :)

  3. darkbluemullet says:

    I gotta name for ya. Onion Boy!

  4. LMFAO says:

    maybe an stick man it is easy to draw and you will not take alot of time for making the second the stick man could be a soldier or a person killing people that are on the usa organized crime or maybe your clickshake monster or avatar

  5. mechingas says:

    well i dont really want to do stick mans. i was playing a game called crunchdown on newrgounds and i really love the charachter, but like his history is of action its really difficult to make movements with the char. i also play thing thing but that doesnt have an intresting history :L so im still serching for a char.

    ps.thanks, spookspoon you give me a lot of advice

  6. connah14 says:

    sorry mechingas , i cant give you advise, because i dont of any ,

    but all the best on creating your comic and hope you had a brill time on your 10 hr trip .


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