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  1. darkbluemullet says:

    So do you guys have other games in the pipeline?

    Also, would you be up for ideas from others or is the schedule busy enough as it is?

    Just wondered? :)

  2. JayZiebarth says:

    We actually do have a back log of game ideas. Since we are just a two man team we're not letting ourselves think about them too much until these Reemus games are finished. Otherwise we'd be endlessly distracted.

    Actually my plan was to release my first full adventure game last summer, but with the new baby and Comedy Central jobs it was put on the back burner. That game was actually a brand new story starring two cats working in a space station. Maybe we'll revisit it someday.

    So we aren't really looking for other peoples ideas yet we still have too many of our own to explore. Though it would be cool if someday we grew enough that we could publish other peoples games.

  3. darkbluemullet says:

    Ah, ok. I thought that would be the case.

    "brand new story starring two cats working in a space station."........ you just know people are gonna want to play that now.

  4. JayZiebarth says:

    hah, well it's completely written and ready to go. I guess we'll see how this Reemus game fares with people first.

  5. ZEROwes says:

    wow! i had almost forgotten about the Ugly Americans game. I dont think i would have been interested in that show if not for your game. great game for an equally interesting show

  6. Zyntark says:

    After Ballads of Reemus and chapter 4, will we see a new Small Favor game?

    Also your game is the reason I checked out that show at all, and I am glad i did.

  7. charmscale says:

    Ditto here. I would have never even heard of Ugly Americans if not for your game. Also, the two cats in a space station sounds very cool.

  8. tman140 says:

    don't think their will be another "small favor" game. remember the ending of the last one? he's like running for president or mayor or governor ... whatever oh... love the cat idea

  9. JayZiebarth says:

    Actually "Small Favor" was written as a trilogy. So someday I'd like to finish it. His new identity was that of a senator, which was part of a larger political assassination storyline that would tie it all together.

  10. Darkroot says:

    @JayZiebarth sounds good hopefully there won't be a too large gap between now and "someday". I actually really enjoyed the storyline in small favor it was simple yet interesting and new.

  11. tman140 says:

    @jayZiebarth wow, i didn't know that sound cool hopefully you can publish it soon

    @Darkroot i agree with you it was very cool, fresh, and fun. still cant find the rest of the doll parts though.

  12. Darkroot says:

    @tman140 lol it was hard but when I played the beta I made a webpage with a walk through and some people told me what I was missing :P


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