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  1. beefsnarf123 says:

    Sorry i will try to get turkens bio soon

  2. beefsnarf123 says:

    NEW BIO 20


    He is the biggest evilest and most creepiest villain in the history of the kingdom of fancyson its TURKEN.
    Turken has said to be 1000000 feet tall part bull part demon but thats not the worst thing Turken has teamed up zurg the lurkers cranks and zurgyians. And when they teamed up they had been making plans to destroy the kingdom and take over it and kill every human and a fact about Turken is that he has killed over 100000000 knights man warriors and more in counting.So if you want to live beware of Turken dont make any moves and be calm besides a T-rex is like a spec compared to him.

  3. beefsnarf123 says:

    NEW BIO 21 sorry it took me long and also rickys name is now Manfred


    In the kingdom of Fancyson there is one man who sells crafts deeds flags and more his name is ManFred.
    Manfred has a big part in the kingdom because if you need a flag to claim new land or a contract to sell something go to Manfred. And another great thing is that you can buy his crafts and antiques for a great price of 100 gold coins.
    So if you need a deed a craft a flag or a antique for a good price or for free Manfred is your man.

  4. beefsnarf123 says:

    NEW BIO 22


    In the kingdom of Fancyson all sorts of knights and warriors all have one thing in common they all have good warhorses.
    Unlike them Brownie is not that smart and blueberry owns him after finding him in Chapter 4 on the beach alone and sad.
    Brownie was named Brownie by blueberry since he is brown sweet and smells good and blueberry will do anything for him.
    So if you see brownie pet him give him a carrot and tell Joe and Blueberry there doing a good job because horses are loved in the kingdom

  5. beefsnarf123 says:



    He is small cute fluffy and known as the kingdoms best cared and best looking sheep his name is Mr. Sheep.
    Mr. Sheep was owned by jack but when a wild ludzo attacked jack and ate him Mr. Sheep ran off and is now alone in the house.
    And poor Mr. Sheep dose not know that jack is now the ripper and that jack is looking for him day and night with no luck.
    So if you see a sheep wondering alone let him be because that is Mr. Sheep well if he has a top hat and a monocle on.

  6. beefsnarf123 says:


  7. Fingie says:

    Are these characters all going to be in the many tales of joe or are they just random people?
    I think you should do a bio on a weird, homeless guy who can see into the future and stands all day in the middle of a road screaming "THE WORLD WILL END IN 20 YEARS!!!". Just an idea but still....
    Anyway I just caught up by reading this fourm and it seems like a good idea!

  8. beefsnarf123 says:

    yes they will all be in the game and also thanks
    as for your character i dont know probably not sorry man

  9. Fingie says:

    Cool! So you want to be game designer when you grow up or what?
    And I saw you are 11, well I'm around your age and love ClickShake Games as well!
    *High Five*

  10. Fingie says:

    As for my character, well, if I'm being honest I made him up in 10 seconds and am not too bothered about you denying him.

  11. beefsnarf123 says:

    Cool man as for me i was 11 but on April 6th i turned 12 :) also Fingie soon i will be posting the plot of the game and if you can thank of a character and give me a bio on him or her i will see and if i use it if i remember i will thank you in the game or something.

  12. jarnowild says:

    Is this is a game you wil be making or just an idea from a kid.
    I dont know but i do know making a game isnt easy.
    So this irritated me.
    Stop planing and make the game.

  13. jarnowild says:

    And this also sounds simulair to the Reemus games.

  14. beefsnarf123 says:

    Ok man heres the news this started out as a idea for a point and click game when i am older it was alot like Reemus evan Joe's design but now i changed everything and its kinda like Reemus i guess but not really also this is a idea of a game i want to make ok and i am only 12

  15. Boerger says:

    I'm pretty sure when you are older you will find your story from now boring and stupid. Even at age of 12 you can make a game. Not as professional as Reemus, but at least a game. Look for game tutorials for kids and start work. Most game projects fail before the fist codeline. Listen to me, I already buried two games, working now on my third one.


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