Ballads of Reemus & Several Journeys / Journeys of Reemus Chapter 4 and Ballads of Reemus: When the Bed Bites
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  1. SteveCastro says:

    We've got an ambitious plan to release 2 new Reemus games at once early this summer. There's gonna be a new Several Journeys of Reemus chapter, plus the first premium game in the series Ballads of Reemus, which will be more epic than ever and include voice acting.

    Now that the cat is officially out of the bag on our release plans and the forum is done, Jay and I will be devoting the majority of our time now developing the dual release. If you guys are active on these forums or our blog then we might just spill a few more beans here and there about what's going on behind the scenes.

    So what do you think about getting TWO new Reemus games this summer?

  2. TW25 says:

    I'm very excited about the new games. Reemus is a very interesting series and I can't wait to see how the world expands.

    Good luck with the projects. :D

  3. JayZiebarth says:


  4. c5124 says:

    I was waiting for Chapter 4, and now finally it has come(well, almost)!

  5. ZEROwes says:

    I was totally ready to play the game, and soo looking forward to it. Watching that trailer only made me want to play even more. I'm really looking forward to both games, and already pre-ordered Ballads of Remus. Keep up the great work!

  6. JayZiebarth says:

    Thanks! I'll post more screen shots in the coming days.

  7. Darkroot says:

    All I can say is I'm disappointed lately companies have been generally not the best. I.e activision and apple, it also seems to be spreading into the indie market also. I can understand you selling ballads but what I don't understand is why you would let people who payed get first dibs on the alpha/beta just because they forked over cash. Like when I beta tested the small favor I tested out everything and even emailed the menu glitch and posted a walkthrough for it. It's like fans that have been following you from the beginning get neatly forgotten.

  8. JayZiebarth says:

    Hey Darkroot, thanks for coming over to the forums.

    My rebuttal to that is, if I was turning my back on the fans I wouldn't make a free game at all. I would transition completely to paid and say thanks for playing and let the chips fall.

    Instead I'm spending a sizable chunk of time on a free game.

    Steve and I talked about it at length and both agreed that its unfair to people that have been playing to leave them hanging, so we're donating time to keep the several journeys storyline going for the fans.

    As for the early beta debate,as a member of ClickShake you'll get access before it goes on any other site, that is your chance to give feedback and bug reports as you've done in the past. The reason we're doing it through the site this time is because too many people steal it and post it before its complete.It really sucks to have a buggy unfinished version floating out there so by keeping it on here we can control where it ends up.

    The "very early" access I'm giving is a thank you to those that took a chance and pre-ordered my game site unseen. Also since they'll be the ones playing the paid game the input they give about Chapter 4 is going to be used to strengthen the ballads game for them. I need this input right away since I'll be using it to make some important choices early on.

    As for payment, if you want to pay another way, we're still small enough that we'll process your payment via snail mail with a money order.

    If you're just broke, we've set up a Refer a Friend program that lets you get the program for Free in exchange for spreading the word about the game.

    So, if anything I'm working towards giving more to the fans than ever before. We have lots of amazing things planned for the site and our games.

  9. SteveCastro says:

    Those who are pre-ordering the game right now are funding the love and attention to detail we're putting into this dual game release and making sure we get it right. Their support enables us to stay independent, add the cool features that really polish the whole experience and create the kinds of curious worlds and puzzles found in Reemus and Small Favor. Without it, we might not be able to take the games as far or might have to answer to strict deadlines or investors, etc.

    Because pre-order support is so instrumental in the goals we've set for these games, we really wanted to give those supporters a big thank you which is the reason we're letting them play Chapter 4 first.

    We do know there's a lot of Zeebarf fans that have been there since the beginning and we appreciate the loyalty and BETA tests from you guys. That's the reason we're doing a free game too instead of just doing a paid game. We're thinking about you guys and Refer a Friend is another way we're giving back to the fans.

  10. SteveCastro says:

    Looks like Jay beat me to the punch. :)

  11. Darkroot says:

    My rebuttal to your rebuttal is that most flash games are free and they get supported by websites and ads. I see flash games that are pay to play a lot and most of the time people don't bother with them. Since there are pretty awesome free games online. If a game is good and gets good rating usually they are payed quite well.

    The only issue I have is that the "very early" beta. Would that be a sample bias for your game thought? Even if your mainly targeting the "payers" you still need to be aware there will be people in the near foreseeable future that will buy your game so you should also structure it for them. So having click shake members or a few select no paying members would be a benefit since you will be have a better sampling of people.

    (fixed HTML - steve)

  12. Darkroot says:

    Wow either I forgot the ''or your html market is messed up. I also noticed block-quotes don't work.

  13. Earl says:

    Okay, look, dude gotta eat.
    I'm getting bloody tired of people expecting to get something for nothing. I want to support the things I like.
    What's more, you mentioned ads. Personally, I'd greatly prefer paying for a game and not having ads, over playing for free and having stupid banners up.

  14. Darkroot says:

    Where is my post did I ever say I wanted something for free? Maybe you should learn to read. I said I would pay for it if I could I'm just concerned about the idea of very early know what w/e I won't complain anymore. Since Earl has his mom's credit card around his finger pinky finger his view on this is biased and I believe that more people with his ideology will full this forum. If I get a chance to buy it I will if not well...
    You also probably never played many flash games because that sentence is ridiculous. I've played thousands of flash games in my life and if I had to play for every single one of them... well you get the idea.

    Why is my avatar so angry looking it's starting to rub off in my posts >.> .

  15. ozi says:

    @earl, word mate!

  16. Earl says:

    Not even going to address the first crack. You talk about people 'forking over cash', like it's something dirty or seedy.
    But, um... my mom's credit card?
    I teach at a university. I do this thing called working. For which I'm paid. Much as I think these guys deserve to be paid in kind.
    That's the thing about actually working. When you have to earn every dollar yourself, you come to appreciate both the value of money, and the value of people's time.

    And yes, I play a lot of flash games. And I wouldn't pay for most of them. But a full length game? That's worth a few bucks (more than a few). I'm not sure what idealogy you think is going to "full" this forum. Something tells me, I don't want to know.

  17. JayZiebarth says:

    Let me just clear up this beta stuff, I'm not saying people are going to change the course of the game. The game is written, the puzzles are ready to go. All I'm looking for is to see what works and what doesn't. If people are getting caught up on the same thing over and over then I want to fix it and apply that change to the puzzles in Ballads.

    An example is Reemus Chp.3, it become very evident, very quickly that walking through three screens carrying one bee at a time sucked. I've since made sure I've never made that mistake again. So if Ballads had a multi screen puzzle like that, the I would change it based on that new knowledge, tighten it up. That's the type of stuff I'm talking about.

    So don't worry that I'm ignoring other fan opinions on stuff. Whether its early or later access, your opinion will finesse my games.

  18. Earl says:

    Really? I kinda liked the bee puzzle. :D

  19. Darkroot says:


    I won't comment at your "teaching university" claim.
    Maybe is you were taking 5 courses in university you would agree that working and making money is not feasible.

    I've already said before still got to nail down that reading thing
    I have nothing against paying for ballads.

  20. Earl says:

    "Claim"? Really?
    uh... huh.

  21. charmscale says:

    Darkroot, do you really think that Earl is lying about having a teaching job? Just saying, if I was going to lie about having a job, teaching at a university isn't what I'd pick. I'd go for something alot more impressive sounding, like doctor or lawyer.
    And, by the way, I'm also taking five courses at a university, not counting labs(two of them, physics and chem 2), and I've still got time for a job (not much of one, but still a source of revenue), an active social life, and, of course, a large number of flash games.

  22. Darkroot says:

    Yes I do look at his simplistic comments that doesn't look like someone over 17 years of age. Well charm scale good for you I really don't have much time for almost anything. 3 Math courses and 2 computer courses. But really we all have our differences and our ideals and since Earl cannot accept that I don't want to argue.

  23. Earl says:

    Edit: Decided to make this shorter. Only two points are relevant:
    1. Google 2P93, and you'll see the course I'm finishing up at Brock. (Teaching 2P03 in spring term)
    2. Troll elsewhere. I'm done feeding you and your pathetic insults and accusations.

  24. Earl says:

    BTW, where you studying, charmscale? (I actually have some very unpleasant memories of taking chem classes, waaay back in the day. Apparently when I was 7 years old, even though I really thought I was 18 at the time)

  25. Darkroot says:

    Earl you really can't let go can you? First of all goggling a common name and find an instructor proves nothing and secondly what kind of prof uses .doc format for their midterms? Leave your pathetic insults to yourself your the own who attacked me first. So I'm not the one trolling. But enough of that lets just stop. This will get no where.

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