ClickShake Elite / I you could grow something out of a tree, what would it be?
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  1. DANIEL says:

    amm that i dont like my character so i wnt to change pieces

  2. DANIEL says:

    amm that i dont like my character so i wnt to change pieces

  3. beewyka says:

    When I saw this section and saw some I said I would grow a tree that makes what ever you want to come true and it doesn't grow anything like a wishing tree, but then I saw another guy did something similar. understand?

  4. beewyka says:

    I would want a tree that grows playstation store cards (50$ on each card) I think it's an excilent idea.

  5. spookspoon says:

    maybe it would be best to have a tree that gives... cardboard boxes that contain

    - ten bucks
    - a coupon to an air ride to see the world
    - an ipod with 48 of the best songs
    - a free pass to 3 concerts
    - a tenth of portable world peace magic, to make people around you happy :D
    - and of course an unlimited access to jay and steve's houses.

  6. GREAT1 says:

    why do you wanna enter jay or steve's houses i mean they're not bad but you are not their best friend or brother,neither his friend on facebook(neither do i)but what would you feel if a hobo enters your house, and even worse checks your computer

  7. spookspoon says:

    because, great1. If I enter jay's house, I can see his progress on ballads or any other thing he is working on.

  8. beewyka says:

    i would grow another tree that would make it so i can make food and ice cream appear whenever i want and i wouldnt get full or gain weaight!


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