ClickShake Elite / I you could grow something out of a tree, what would it be?
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  1. spookspoon says:

    ok the question is on the title and please get creative.

  2. spookspoon says:

    wait wait wait it should say "if" on the title not "I", jeje sorry :D

  3. manu says:

    i think i would like to grow money lol

  4. spookspoon says:

    yeah I get that a lot :P

  5. erix111 says:

    I think i would grow a tree of happiness and maybe 3 bushes of money :DDD

  6. Earl says:

    Steak and kidney pies.

    I know that sounds weird at first, but bear with me while I explain.
    You can easily buy frozen turkey pies. Or chicken. Or beef.
    You used to be able to find steak and kidney pies easy. But now, alas, I can find none. And indeed haven't been able to in many a year.

    Thus, there is nothing better to grow on a tree than steak and kidney pies.
    (Or monkeys.)
    ((But combining the two is a no-no. Steak and monkey pies would taste weird.))

  7. chuletita says:

    jejejeje i thing it would grow money yessss or computers

  8. jeltevl says:

    i want a tree with reemus games. :P

  9. spookspoon says:

    wow why didnt I think of that.

  10. wesitokakero says:

    true true

  11. spookspoon says:

    I would like to have a tree with Ipods cause I dont have any:D

  12. wesitokakero says:

    jejejeje i would like but with houses greate houses mansion!

  13. spookspoon says:

    yeah but you will have to plant a gigantic tree to have stuff like that :P

  14. wesitokakero says:

    jejejeje yea but it will be good enough

  15. darkbluemullet says:

    Earl. How do you know Steak and Monkey would taste weird?

    I think I would grow another tree from the top othe tree. Then another from that one. Then another from that one. Then I would climb them and kill the big guy up there. I think that might be a story.................?

  16. spookspoon says:

    shouldnt that be an enourmous bean plant?

  17. beefsnarf123 says:

    a tree with games

  18. hamburgis says:

    emmmm a tree with ipads

  19. pfrogy says:

    emmm a tree with cars, i mean AWSOME cars

  20. wesitokakero says:

    ipads of course

  21. sparkycs says:

    A Tree that would grow rapidly and reproduce its fruits within weeks all year round so in turn it will produced more trees from the seeds and so on.

    Could be used to replant damaged forests for a faster recovery, which also reducing the Carbon Dioxide giving us a better quality of air and reducing the green house gases and trapping carbon before it is dissolved into the oceans killing the marine life.

    Also with this rapid tree grow would be able to substane our greed for sources of energy as just as quickly as used it can be replaced and the emissions taken out of the air by the other trees themselves.

  22. tman140 says:

    like that answer sparkycs...

    i think i would grow a tree that has magical pine cones. you take one, say whatever you want (i.e. a hoodiebuddie, a car, a coffee maker, etc.)and throw it on the ground. the pincome will transform into that item!

    also, if you want to knlow what a hoddiebuddie is go here...

  23. spookspoon says:

    wow sparkycs, I didnt expect an answer as that one :P

  24. crazybone says:

    wow that is a good answer

  25. calami says:

    i will grow an other tree and another and so on until y have a billion of wishes

  26. DANIEL says:

    i will grow ammm pieces for my character because i dont like so much mines

  27. mecaboy says:

    mmm the idea of calami is realy good

  28. DANIEL says:

    yes and my idea is also good rigt

  29. mecaboy says:

    ummm i didnt understan youre idea sorry

  30. DANIEL says:

    amm that i dont like my character so i wnt to change pieces

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