Games by ClickShake / how do you come up with this name? what name? the death slug name.
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  1. beewyka says:

    how did you come up with the name death slug? I know where you got the words from but why did you choose that name and not something like red vampire burger eating slug? what they would enjoy CHEESE burgers wouldn't they? P.S. at first death slugs gave me the nightmares evan if i had a dream catcher, but i got over it.

  2. JayZiebarth says:

    I like the simplicity of the name Death Slug, it basically described it perfectly.

  3. tman140 says:

    there was also the deadly venomous no eyed slug from above who likes killing people option

  4. spookspoon says:

    hmm sounds a bit large

  5. tman140 says:

    sure, but its still an option

  6. beewyka says:

    lol i sounded like a little kid there


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